10 and 55 gallon Aquariums/Terrariums...what to put in them?

Grants Pass, OR

I acquired 3 really nice aquariums that I thought would make good terrariums for various environments. 2 are 10 gallon and one is a 55. I have 2 little kids in the house and my daughter is very interested in plants so I want to use them to grow some interesting plants. For one tank I thought I'd make a desert environment and grow small species of cactus, in another I was thinking about more tropical plants that require higher humidity and in the last I was thinking of even adding something live besides plants, such as frogs so the kids can see how things work in nature. I'm not really set on these things, just some ideas. But I have no idea on what types of plants to use and how to organize them, I could really use some advice, maybe some pictures of your own terrariums to inspire me? I'm lost on what to do next.

North Augusta, ON

I've got ferns, Episcia, Prayer Plants, Syngoniums...Strawberry begonia in mine.

North Augusta, ON


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Grants Pass, OR

Those look beautiful together. Are the ferns very fussy? I'm very good at killing plants. I have strawberry bagonias and they seem to be surviving my black thumb. But the rest I don't know about.

North Augusta, ON

The terrarium is actually the only place I can keep ferns alive. They love the humidity.

South, TX

Epecia love humidity too. Easy, this one, Cleopatra loves plain old peat moss.

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Grants Pass, OR

What a pretty little terrarium. It makes me what to put a smaller one together.
How do you water? I've been misting some of my plants with water bottles.

South, TX

Are you asking me? I rarely have to water my Cleopatra's in glass with the top covered. When I do, I use a turkey baster and add a few drops of AV fertilizer to the moss.

Grants Pass, OR

wow. I never would have guessed that it would survive in just peat and a bit of fertilizer once in a while. Thanks so much for the info.

South, TX

Yes, I have two and they are VERY large and happy! I just had to put one in a LARGER bowl yesterday! He is in his little pot of peat, that is how I bought him. I just left him there and then put the bowl in more peat moss, spagnum. He makes more roots all the time! They are under bright lights of my IGS shelves!

My other epecia's did not like the lights on the IGS shelves. They prefer less light, nat. light and humidity. The pink Cleopatra's need bowls, they have to be kept humid.

Casa Grande, AZ(Zone 9b)

I think the 55 gallon habitat would be perfect for a small colony of Pacific tree frogs. You could use native Flora to create a suitable environment. This would be a great way to educate them on the native Flora and Fauna of Oregon.

You could use native moss, fungi, and ferns...it would be truely phenominal. A great learning experience.

D-mail me if you are interested in how to set it up to be safe for the frogs.

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