Sad Banana

Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

My banana is pretty sad looking. Still growing, but not vigorously. It received cold damage over the winter, but the weather is warming up now. Should I cut it off at ground level and hope for a cluster of new growth, or should I just leave it? I am not really THAT interested in fruit, but would love to have back my lush foliage soon.

Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

I would wait until after your last frost date and then just trim off the old foilage. The old ratty foilage will help protect the plant in case of further dips in temperature.
You don't have to cut it to the ground. Once it warms up it will put out new, pretty leaves again.

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Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

Last frost date was Feb. 3, and it is just now warming up this weekend (low 80s).

Thanks for the advice!

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

How is your Banana doing? Do you have any pictures?

I have two dwarf Cavendish, and they had a hard winter. Many freezes, and even though they were covered, they received a lot of damage.

I have two pups with one, and second has a tomato growing with it (I didn't put it there, but hate to remove it, because it also endured this hard winter).

A friend of mine, who lives in a colder place in Florida has beautiful, unpampered bananas. She was told by a friend to cut them straight down in the fall (so they don't get any damage during the winter) and they will be beautiful come spring.

Her plants are really nice.

Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

Thanks for asking!

It is putting out new foliage, but the trunk has a few brown spots, which make me think 'rot'. The new leaf is nice and bright green though. I'll wait to see if it gets more vigorous before cutting it back . I WOULD like to have some pups. Does anyone know if cutting it back might force new shoots?

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