Best animals to hunt with

Yuba City, United States

I am originally from the uk where i used to hunt foxes before it was banned. We used dogs to catch the foxes first and then shot them in the head. Hunting with dogs is now banned in the uk but i have heard that people have started chasing the foxes on foot and taking potshots at them from longer distance... I was just wondering if any US hunters use any other animals to track/hunt with which we could use back in the UK so we can still kill foxes without breaking the law. Are big cats any good?

Huddersfield, Uruguay

I suggest you use a tiger mate.

Goldthwaite, TX(Zone 8a)

I would suggest a varment call,(either recorded or vocal, and something accurate at longer range. I do not have any idea of your game or firearm laws, but have taken many foxes at night with acall and a shotgun with heavy loads, and a bright flashlight. The call mimics the sound of a distressed rabbit, or other small prey, and can lure foxes quite close to a hidden hunter.
For those of you in the US where bobcats and mountain lions are found-- it can be a bit disconcerting to switch on your light and find that you are being stalked by a large hungry cat.

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