Preen in the iris bed

St Joseph, IL(Zone 5b)

I know there has been a thread before (somewhere) on the use of Preen in the iris beds. Just thought I would bring this up again (I am too lazy/impatient to go through all of the threads to look for it) and get some opinions regarding it's effectiveness. I have two beds that I just fought and fought weeds last year and I worry about how that affects the growth of the rhizomes, so I decided not to fight the weeds by myself this year and to use a weed killer. Have any of you all used Preen before in your iris beds? And how did it do? Thanks.

Cherryvale, KS

I use it. It seems to make weeds fewer and what's there pulls easier.

Vandalia, IL

I agree,,weeds are easier to pull..I use it with caution,,first time I used it..5 yrs.ago,,just about took out a whole row of lilies,,sprinkled it solid,,before the lilies were up...duh!! learned the hard way..Its about the time I really needed reading glasses,,but didnt realise it!! :(( Dee

South Hamilton, MA

I understand that it is for weed seeds. You have to remove weeds already there. I have also been told that there are 2 types of Preen & to avoid the kind with gluten added. I will be reading labels.

Nashville, TN(Zone 7a)

You can see all the past postings by typing "Preen" in the box below the word "Logout" above. Click on "Search Forums" On the page that comes up you can limit the search to just the Iris forum or it will bring up every posting with "preen" on davesgarden.

Hope this helps.....

I use it on new beds but still seem to have a lot of weeds that sprout.

St Joseph, IL(Zone 5b)

Thank you all. I will read the label, thank you, and use with caution. Darn weeds anyway!!
Neil-thanks for the direction.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I use it. Be sure to water in very well. I rarely have weed problems until near the end of summer. Probably should use it twice, but I never get around to it. Do weed well before using it. It won't kill the weeds already there.


Pylesville, MD(Zone 6b)

I have used Preen for years without a problem with Iris and daylilies. I do not use it around hostas because I have several areas I want seeds to germinate there. I also don't use it where I plant annuals, Just in case their seeds decide to germinate.

Hubby got another chemical (commercial) last year, I have heard of it but can not remember the noame right now but he put it in several beds last year and there were no problems either.

I pull weeds until the 1st of April then put fertilizer, grub control, preen and antifungal treatments on all the beds except the germination and newly planted seedling beds.

My problem is remembering to put it on again in June.

South Hamilton, MA

I'm afraid that by the time I pull the weeds in preparation, it will not longer be effective. Low energy & lots of beds to weed--may test try in a couple of beds this year.

Readyville, TN(Zone 7a)

Does it effect germination results of the iris seeds in their pods? I used the Preen last year and am wondering if it is safe to hybridize them if you use Preen.

South Hamilton, MA

????? I wouldn't think so, many iris people use it, after all the seeds are not on the ground.

South Hamilton, MA

????? I wouldn't think so, many iris people use it, after all the seeds are not on the ground.

Pylesville, MD(Zone 6b)

Preen Never goes in my seed bed which is seperated by about 200' from any other beds just in case. also if you do not reapply it volunteers from a missed seed pod has arrisen in my other beds. So preen is only effective for as short time.

Pylesville, MD(Zone 6b)

I have never had a problem with germinating seeds that I made crosses on. But I would not want to take the chance of putting it on a bed I have seed pots in. Also I do not used it with very young seedlings. I just have not I do not know if it would affect them or not??

Raleigh, NC

thanks I love this info - been wondering about using it for a long time.

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