Interesting things....getting to know you better.

(Zone 4a)

I thought it might be fun to try something a bit different than gardening here.... For those that want to participate how about posting 3-5 things about yourself that we don't know. It could be something surprising, goals you have, something you have done in the past, etc..... I think this could be fun.

1. I live in Ontario but I have never travelled outside Canada. Actually the only other province I have ever been to is Quebec. Once the kids get older I would love to do some traveling.

2. When I was in high school I was part of the basket ball team and I wanted to play professional ladies basketball. That didn't pan out LOL

3. I met my husband at a wedding. He was the best man and I was the cousin of the bride. We are all still good friend.

4. Family is the most important thing to me.

Here is my list to start....

(Zone 4a)

No one wants to play?

North Augusta, ON

I've typed out some things a few times, then deleted them...I never know what to say!!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Here we go :-)

1 ... I was born in Belfast Northern Ireland .. wasn't supposed to have been .. but .. OH WELL .. guess I wanted OUT !!

2 ... I am the youngest in a family of 4, I have 3 male siblings (2 of whom are deceased) and I was the first female born into my father's side of the family in 26 years.

3.... I have 'almost' completed my Masters in nursing, but have let it slide now that I have retired .. I do love mentoring 2nd and 3rd year BScN students though.

4 .. I have travelled quite a bit .. but do have a GOAL of going to either Greece or Switzerland ..

5 ... If I can make ONE person smile or be happy in a day .. I feel fulfilled ..

That's it for me

Easy and painless .. thanks Dawn ^_^


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Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I grew up on a farm in NE AB. Bought it about about 12 years ago and we go hang out there on long weekends. About 500 acres
Drive a 4X4 truck & zip around on a little Suzuki 50 scooter in the summer
Peisporter wine is my favorite
Read tarot cards
Used to travel Western Canada (job related) Monday thru Friday for about 8 years and have enjoyed the last year of sticking to home
Went on a number of US business trips which were awesome: Florida, Houston, Arizonza, Texas. never left North America though
Got married in Hawaii & hope to go back there again
Besides gardening, my favorite past-time is visiting with friends or talking on the phone.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Well, I started to do a "25 Random things" about myself on Facebook, but I never finished it. I should be able to pick a few of them out.

I was born in Oswego, NY. Lived in the Adirondacks until I was 9 when the family moved to the Rochester, NY area. It was there that I was introduced to violin in the school system.

I met my husband at the University of Illinois when I went there to do a masters in music education. He's from Alberta and brought me back to Canada with him.

I’m not much good at languages except English. Three years of French in high school and they made me start over in college after I took the placement test. After 18 months of living in Québec City just after we got married, it was a bit better, but it was still a relief when we moved to Ottawa. My German is a bit better. I studied a year before we lived there in 1976-77 and we visit frequently. I can get by when I need to.

I have about 135 varieties of Hostas in my garden and I’m running out of space. But I still have a sizeable “wish list”. Time to get rid of some that don’t perform as well. Each spring I do a “kneel and feel” watching for all my lovelies to emerge.

I’ve been to 22 of the 36 International Viola Congresses, including every one since 1991 except 1994. They’ve taken me all over the world - to Germany several times, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, Australia as well as all over the USA and we’ve had 3 Congresses in Canada. In 1999 I handled all the business end of the Canadian Congress in Guelph.

I am an activist at heart. I was THERE in Washington, DC when Martin Luther delivered his “I Have Dream” speech.


Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Heres a few of mine:
I was born in England and moved to Canada as a 6yr old, I choose to become a citizen
I was provincial champ for all round gymnastics in high school
I bought a house before I found my husband
I am a Cancer survivor.
I worked at the Bay for 32 yrs prior to being "laid off" this spring
I feel that making a difference in someones day/life is important
Over to the next person
Ann ( the Alberta one)

Grand Forks, BC(Zone 5b)

Wow, Ann, hearing Dr. King's famous speech live must have been so inspiring.

I'll give this a go...

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. My folks moved west when I was a little tyke.

I am retired after working for 35 years.

I live in Grand Forks, BC and love it. (Returning home in a couple weeks).

Have a home in Tucson, AZ where we spend the winters. We have a Son and Daughter-in Law there.

We have 4 kids and 5 Grandkids.

Love animals as much as gardening. Pets include a dog and a cat and a herd of deer in our community. ^_^

Thumbnail by DonM47
Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

My daughter wanted me to add a couple:

I was a Rodeo Queen
Won several metals throughout high school & went to Provincial's for High Jumping. Don't remember how high I could jump, but it quite a bit higher than myself of 5'6"
Also favorite past-time before gardening was touring new showhomes, until I realized that I wasn't getting one

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White Lake, ON(Zone 4b)

Enjoyed reading everybody's posts - okay here goes:
- Born in Wales and moved to western Canada when I was 9... back to Wales .... then back to Canada the second time at 14. Even though I'm Welsh I can't sing. Trust me.
- Met my hubby during the 80's boom in Calgary and moved East after we were married.
- I've moved 36 times in my life up to 1987 and I've not moved once since.
- My sister and I taught a modern dance class in junior and senior high school.
- I love the privacy of living in the bush - but someday I'd love to live somewhere with a view.


Quadra Island, BC(Zone 7b)

Oh, you all sound like such interesting people!

OK - here goes my little list.

I was born in England and moved to Canada when I was five.

Retired last year and I'm just loving it!

DH and I were both involved with Search and Rescue for several years - some very interesting experiences.

I used to write children's stories when my own kids were young and had several published.

Can't think of much else of interest - I'm a very dull person, I'm afraid!

North Augusta, ON goes,
I was born in Oshawa, Ontario...3rd gen. Canadian on Moms side, 6th gen. on Dads side.

I moved to the country in '92 because I HATE the city. Mom and Dad moved here when he retired.

When Dad passed away I bought the house I was renting because it had an apartment in back so Mom and my schizophrenic Brother could be closer to me.

I love gardening, writing and my cats and dogs.

(Zone 4a)

Wow thanks so much.....

I can't believe how many of you lived outside the country and then moved here as children or even as adults!!! Pretty cool.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Dawn - I was just thinking that. Of those who have posted thus far, native born Canadians are in the minority. Interesting backgrounds for everyone.

Victoria, BC(Zone 8b)

What an amazing crowd we have here.

I was born in Ottawa to first generation Canadians. Both my folks were in the CDN Airforce. When I graduated high school, I'd attended 15 schools.

I'm lucky to say I've been to each province and territory, and dipped my toes in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans from our shores.

I was a nurse in critical care for over 20 years before my own health issues forced my retirement.

I've traveled extensively. For holidays I rate Hawaii the best.

1 goal I have is to own a house.

I've been able to cross off a few things from my ' life's to do ' list: see all of Canada, cross the equator, swim with wild dolphins, see active lava.

I like to garden, flowers mainly. I used to be quite a good photographer.


Blyth, ON(Zone 5b)

Hi all. I'm going to come out of my hidey-hole now and join in the fun again. Sorry for the long absence.

Some things about me...

...My family moved so many times when I was a child that I never got to start and finish a year at the same school until I was 12. That experience of constantly meeting new people gave me a very highly developed ability to pretty accurately size someone up in just a few minutes.

...I was one of a small group of students chosen in grade 7 to be a mentor/ESL "teacher" at my school. We worked with the children of recent immigrants to our area who didn't yet know much English and were hesitant in social circumstances. I've loved teaching ever since.

...One of my ancestors came to New York from the Netherlands back in the 1700s. We ended up in Canada when he blew across the border to live with the Indians so he could avoid military war service.

...I read Tarot cards too, and have cast horoscopes as well, but I haven't done either for quite a while now.

...I met my DH online and haven't looked back - he's my dream come true.

...I developed a lifelong yearning for mountains when I lived on Vancouver Island, B.C. They seem to get into your soul somehow. Whenever I'm planning a vacation my first choice is always somewhere near or in a mountain range.

Champion, AB(Zone 3b)

Wow, such wonderful diversity!

I was born in Waterloo, Ont.and moved from there to the hamlet of Everton at the age of 9, went to school in Guelph, art school in Brantford, and worked as a commercial artist in Toronto, got married, got divorced, moved to Hawaii for 2yrs., got preg, moved to San Fran, had daughter, moved back to Everton, raised daughter, built a cordwood house and lived there 10 yrs., followed sister to Alberta in '99, bought a house, got married, built a cordwood barn, raised horses, getting divorced (can't abide drinking), daughter and S. in L followed to Alberta, new house, new grandkids 4 blocks away, and we now live in Champion, AB, hopefully happy ever after. I work with 2 mentally handicapped ladies. Bought a greenhouse last year and redid my backyard. It will be a thing of beauty if it ever warms up.
There are the bare bones, good and bad.
Love traveling, been to Europe, England, coast to coast in Canada, and the west coast of U.S. and my beloved Hawaii.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

This is fun!

Ok, my turn now:

1) I was born and raised in Calgary and lived here all my life with the exception of a couple of brief stints when I was a kid in Red Deer and Moosejaw.

2) I've travelled in the U.S. and I've been to Australia, but I've hardly see anything of Canada east of Manitoba! LOL. Gotta fix that one day as I have relatives in P.E.I.

3) I used to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle until my DH whacked a deer on his and I decided I should maybe give it up and live a little longer (he's okay).

4) I'm a petroleum engineer and have worked in various capacities in the oil patch since I was 19. My DH has been semi-retired for about 9 years and takes care of our business, the house, and errands. I'm pretty spoiled that way.

5) My DH and I plan to retire somewhere with a climate that has a longer gardening season (look out Vancouver Island). But we haven't looked very hard and aren't sure where to land exactly. I do know that it will be a place I can have at least one greenhouse, ideally two.

6) Which leads me to orchids, which is why I want a second greenhouse, one just for them alone. They are my addiction, my only vice. I started buying them two years ago and I have over 80 now, and I'm not sure when it's going to stop. Suffice to say, I love them, in particular Lady Slippers.

7) We have no children, but we've always had a cat. My DH is best pals with our current kitty, though he's still in denial after all these years that he might actually be a cat person.

Victoria, BC(Zone 8b)

Grow_Jo, this weekend was the orchid show and sale at Uvic. I didn't stop, no where to put more plants!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi Linda - yes, I had seen that advertised and was trying to talk the DH into going for the weekend. Sort of glad we didn't as the weather in Calgary got so crappy I think there's been a bunch of flight delays today. Also, I was up at the Orchid Society of Alberta show in late February in Edmonton and I sort of filled up on orchids there again. :)


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Grow_Jo - you have an invitation to the nation's capital. And we can go see Sandy's Hostas - just about an hour drive from my house.

Did you every work with the ice islands? DH is an Ice Scientist and used to go north when they were busy building the artificial ice island for the petroleum industry. You and he may, at the very least, have some common friends.


Calgary, Canada

This is quite a group! Wow! I just surfaced from the first week of living at Kiwanis festival to hear my students play.... A week off and then 60 more entries to listen to next week.

Here's my story:

I grew up in various parts of Ohio and Kansas. I majored in violin and met my husband at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (he is a violinist). We got married and immediately went to Caracas Venezuela to play in an orchestra there.

When we returned I quit music and tried to study social work, but Suzuki method and viola got into my blood. We were studying in western New York state when my husband decided to take an audition for the symphony in Calgary (cheap flight from Toronto). We had to hunt for Alberta on a map. The day he won the audition it was May 3 and snowing in Calgary, and I told him I could never go anywhere where snow fell in May! We moved here "for a year" and 25 years and two children later here we still are, Canadian citizens with no looking back. It took me many years to get into gardening again after moving to this climate, so I totally owe the Calgary Hort Society for restoring my passion.

Our daughter went to school in Boston, worked a couple years in South America (where I visited her and tried to get my Spanish back), and now lives and works for an NGO in New York City. She's a fine cellist too, we had a great family string quartet for a lot of years.

Our son is a viola player turned jazz/bluegrass violinist. He attends school in Toronto but is home this year to have serious jaw surgery. It has been fun to fill the empty nest with his friends again.

My husband has had a bout with cancer and was on disability for a couple years with tendonitis but our lives are full of great friends and family and lots of travel. Music has taken me twice to Japan, twice to Europe, and all over the US.

Enough about me, on to the next person.


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Theresa - you mean you were there in Calgary all those years when we visited my in-laws? (I had the impression that you hadn't been there that long). Unfortunately, since the in-laws both passed away and DH's aunt moved to Vancouver, there is no family left in Calgary; so we don't get there often.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Guess I will join in!

1. I am a retired health care technologist - 45 years in hospitals in several different countries and heavily involved in teaching and in professional affairs up to the international level. I am one of a handful ( and only the 2nd appointed) of Honorary Fellows of my professions International Society.

2. I am a breast cancer survivor.

3. I used to travel a lot , usually to somewhat unusual spots but stopped travelling when I bought my house. Now I hate even going away for a weekend!

4. I have an Associate degree in Piano and was working at degree level in organ but unable to finish my exams. I was a church organist for a few years way back when!

5.I have - way back when - killed philodendrens and had flowering begonias that never flowered!

6. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

7. I got my first drivers license when I was 16 and bought my first car when I was 60.


Oostburg, WI(Zone 5b)

Gosh, this is fun! but I haven't done much...

Born in Picton, ON, to Dutch immigrants, middle of 9, hold Dutch and Canadian citizenship.

Moved to a farm 1 mile south of Cannington, lived there till college in Iowa. Married a local boy.

Raised 4 kids (1 girl, 3 boys, now have 2 granddaughters), traveled over most of the US while H was truck driving. Drove some (not legally) but only in flat states, or hills I didn't have to shift down on more than 2 gears.

Married for 31 years, divorced last year (couldn't abide the adultery), that was hell but I am now working at Kohler Co in WI, going to school and learning about myself.

Not much else exciting abt me, always wished I had the music gift, it passed me by. :) I do love baking, handwork of almost any kind and gardening. I also read braille (by sight, not feel).

Traveled to the Netherlands and met many first cousins and aunts and uncles for the first time in 1997.


Mississauga, ON(Zone 6a)

This has been an interesting thread to read. I'm another native, third generation on Dad's side, loads more on Mom's side. Mom's been researching her mother's family tree and got back as far as the 1600's in England, which pretty much amazed us all. Both sides are Irish, and while I was born in Dorval, just outside Montreal in P.Q., Dad got transferred to Toronto when I just a few months old, so they moved to Cooksville, now part of Mississauga, and I think we're now the 6th or maybe 7th largest city in the country, and I grew up there.

I've traveled a bit, but not outside North America, which is too bad because there are relatives in Ireland and Australia. I've been to Florida and L.A, California, Myrtle Beach, S.C. and some of the southern States that are on the drive down south. Been to all the provinces except the Maritimes, though I was engaged to a Maritimer once :-). That didn't work out so well. Haven't made it to any of the territories though. I had a lot of different jobs, until I fell off a loading dock while working as a courier and damaged my spine. Two fusion surgeries later, I'm on disability and haven't worked for 20 years. I keep wishing they'd find a cure for chronic pain, but meantime, things could certainly be much worse.

Crazy about cats, horses, most other animals, reading and plants. Used to keep fish and turtles in my teens, and wish I could again. I liked the turtles, they were kind of fun, and once I learned that my juvenile turtles liked snails, I never had to worry about snails in the aquariums again! Just turn the turtles loose and no problem ! Had a snake once, big garter snake, but he escaped and presumably lived on in the fields around the house. It was early summer, so he had time to adjust. I once raised a baby bird the kids on the street brought me. It was either a house finch or sparrow, and had no feathers when I got the wee thing. Sadly, back then, no computer, no internet, no information on how to feed him properly. He lived long enough to grow all his feathers and learn to fly, but he broke his neck one day, no doubt from malnourished bones. Poor bird. Used to wake me up every morning screaming at 5 am, the sort of alarm clock nobody can sleep through.

Currently working on a bonsai addiction and in the process of acquiring an orchid addiction, which I could well do without but what can I say? Already out of room ! Like dwarf plants and oddities of all kinds, and am especially enchanted by sweet scented flowers. Wish they made a perfume that smelled like Stephanotis or maybe Blue Passionflower.

(Zone 4a)

Thanks for playing along folks.....I enjoyed reading about you. There are some very interesting people here for sure! I feel like I know you a little bit more than I did before. Sometimes I think it is good to have interesting topics other than gardening at times. I know we are all more than "just" gardening. Thanks again!

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Well, a little about me then . . .

Seventh generation Canadian on my Dad's side

Born south of London ON, moved to Windsor in 62 and then to Toronto in 63

Have travelled across most of Canada, seen a good deal of the US, been to the Caribbean, Mexico, S Africa and hope to go to Thailand this fall. Am really getting to love volunteer travel.

Was the first Lamazze teacher in Toronto

Am a Constructive Living counsellor in my "after-hours"

Have a son, daughter and 6 grandchildren.

The orthopods told me I'd never walk again after a bad bicycle accident in 1971, but I'm still fooling them.

Looking for a nice warm place to winter when I retire, but it has to have and English language library system, so S Africa is top of the list right now.

Am continually amazed at the variety of people on DG, and this chance to move beyond the one-dimensional "gardener" category is really fun.


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Wow, Marilyn. Glad you beat the odds after the bicycle accident.

(Zone 6a)

OK, I guess I'll join in too :)

I was born in Brantford Ontario and have a mixed heritage. My Mom's parents being from Germany and my Dad's being of English and Ukrainian decent.

I only speak English but would like to learn French and Spanish.

I am currently unemployed but put in at least 30 hours of volunteer work a month.

Two years ago in April I adopted two bunnies(a mother and daughter) from the SPCA. They are lots of fun, enjoy watching TV with me and can understand a full spoken sentence.

Haven't traveled much but would love to go to Australia, Aruba and Japan.

I LOVE gardening and as of recently I've started baking and watercolour painting and would eventually like to learn the piano. Tried to play guitar several years ago but don't seem to have the coordination.

By the time I was eight I had already had 2 near death experiences which were near drowning and almost getting blown up in a car. I do not like being behind the wheel of a car and had a strong fear of the water until I was convinced to take private swimming lessons and today it's still one of my favorite activities.

Also during my teens(I hated the teen years) I had braces for 4 years and at times almost went hysterical as I can't stand having anything affixed in my mouth.

I have 1 brother, 2 sisters, 3 nieces and a nephew.

Now I'm off to eat a brownie that I made earlier today,

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

Well this is a fun thread. Its been interesting and fun to read all about everyone. Such interesting people with amazing and diverse lives.

I'm 55, married for the 3rd time and have it right this time. We bought this house in Whitby last summer because it has lots of big windows for my hoya addiction - 138 and I'm hosting a purchase of hoya cuttings from Australia in May, so that number's just a work in process. We have two cats, who control our lives in far too many aspects.

Outside gardening....due to chronic pain issues, it doesn't have a big grip on my time. I have a big backyard with perennial gardens back and front. I tend to do a lot when I feel okay, and my husband does the regular maintenance. So it can look amazing sometimes, and we're really proud of it. We‘ve already started a bit of clean-up and it felt good to get out.

I have two daughters from my first marriage and they each have three children. One lives in Arizona and has two sons and a daughter, the other in St. Catharines has two daughters and a son.

I grew up in Toronto and married very young, and left Toronto. At the ripe old age of 23, after 8 years of marriage I’d had enough and moved back to Toronto. Stayed there until 2001 when my current DH and I moved to Pickering, and then here last year.

I've been a legal secretary for 25+ years and work in commercial litigation and health law, which I really love.

Well, that’s five paragraphs about me, but they’re pretty packed! Never was any good at


Mississauga, ON(Zone 6a)

I hear that Cybercrone ! Doctors are so often wrong about prognoses, aren't they? I wish I had a buck for every person I've met since I got hurt, who has told me some tale about how they were told they would never do something again, and were just doing it anyway. Attitude can make you or break you.

I used to be the only female member of our high school science club. I was the ONLY member willing, in fact happy to, handle the lab's pet boa constrictor, Gruesome. She was only five feet, a mere babe. Not one of the guys would even touch her. Sadly for me, Mom was never going to allow a snake in her house, it was hard enough getting away with the other critters. First the kitten[s], then the turtles, then fish, then the baby bird, and eventually, horses. I think I'd have been more content living on a farm, y'know ? I sometimes think that is why ending up in pain most of the time didn't break me, though it took a long time to adjust. Animals seem to handle adversity so much better than we do, often enough. They are wonderful teachers.

Calgary, Canada

Marilyn, can you describe what a constructive living counselor is?

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Theresa - nice to see you. I'm glad you survived Kiwanis!

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Constructive Living is a western adaptation of two kinds of Japanese psychotherapies, Morita and Naikan.
Both of those are based somewhat on Buddhist philosophy. Morita and Freud (who I'm sure you all know) travelled the same road until they parted ways over the unconscious.

Basically CL is where Oprah and all the others got their idea for the "gratitude journal", except they leave out what we consider an important component of the process. A Naikan session or journal focuses on:
1) What did I get from others (people or things)?
2) What did I give to others?
3) What troubles have I caused others?
You'll notice that the obvious 4th question is missing. That's because you've probably been concentrating on that to the exclusion of the other questions and that is likely a big part of the problem
It can be done daily, weekly, or on your life or a particular situation, and must be SPECIFIC.
Naikan is the introspective part. The active part, Morita, posits that the only thing you can control is your own behaviour. It also says 1) Know your goal(s), 2) Acknowledge your feelings, 3) Do what needs to be done (as opposed to the western thought of doing "what you need to do")

I've been teaching it since 1993 when I received my certification and find it a marvellous change from the self-centred, navel-gazing, talk-until-you're-blue-in-the-face, everyone-else-is-to-blame, western therapies. Many western therapies are incorporating a lot of ideas from the Moritists, but it's been slow work

Of course there is much more to it, and of course actually doing it is not nearly as simple as it looks when you write it down. There is some good material on-line, or you may be able to get some of David Reynolds' books at your local library - or I'd be pleased to answer any questions you or anyone else has.
This may be way more than you wanted to know, but thank you for asking anyway

Now *I* need to finish the bookkeeping for my income tax

Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

well this is such fun I m going to do it to
born in new brunswick on a small farm near the northumberland staight
was always the outgoing one lol wanted to have fun
so moved to toronto at 18 and stayed for 23 years
got tired of the city so moved to metcalfe a retirement community or so I am told

I have been gardening for about 20 years lol going back to my roots

I am mostly acadian french but my mothers father is from wales

I have two daughters 9 and 10 and a son that is 21
one cat, one dog, many deer, chipmunks, squirrels, birds and what ever else want to be fed including my husband lol hahahahh


North Saanich, Canada

Nice to read about all of you. I am a prairie transplant to Vancouver Island(moved in 1990). Had no idea on gardening until we moved to our 2 acres. Still learning a lot but sure wish there were no deer. I now have to figure on plants that they won't eat(is there such a thing???)
Things you might not know about me:

I belonged to a girl's choir that competed in an international music festival in Wales in 1973.
I attended U of Calgary for 3 years in the theatre dept. Then I married a grain farmer from Saskatchewan and lived there from 1973 until 1990. Even drove a combine and trucked! What a learning curve.
I have a Speech Arts and Drama degree from both the Royal Conservatory of Music, and Mount Royal College. I have not done any teaching since moving to the coast.
I also kind of play the piano. I have a player piano that I love!!! Thank heavens for E-Bay.
I have two kids, girl 33(library tech), boy 30(computers).
I love scrapbooking and making my own cards. My goal this year is to actually plan and make a prototype of my Xmas card BEFORE it is time to send them out!
Have travelled to Australia(was 8 months pregnant when I got back), Great Britain twice, and Disneyworld.
I need spring to come as I am getting cabin fever and I want warmer weather and sun!!! All I"ve done outside so far is pruned the hydrangeas!
Let's hear from more of you!


Calgary, Canada

Thanks Ann! I did survive! Wow more interesting folks. I am going to read up more about Constructive Living, it sounds very positive. Theresa

Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

deer dont like garlic so plant lots of it on the edge of where you garden

Mississauga, ON(Zone 6a)

Found a recipe for a deer repellent that is supposed to work, from a University website. I will post it here, for what it may be worth. I sent it to my sister to try, as she lives in Jasper, in the national park and the darned elk wander the streets and graze the gardens whenever they please. Every yard has deer wires or fence strung very high, but elk can jump over whatever they want to, it seems. I don't know if my sister will try it, I think she gave up on veggie gardening after the elk ate all her broccoli [ and everything else! ] for the third year in a row, but if she does and if it works I'll post the results. Here's the information I copied about the deer repellent. I make no guarantees, but from the sounds of it, it probably can't hurt.

Deer Problems? I was thrilled to find this recipe for home-made egg-based deer repellent, courtesy of Colorado State University Extension. It really works! And it lasts up to three months, even with rain. In early April, my emerging hostas and sedum were chewed to the ground. I made this repellent and sprayed what was left of them, plus every other tender plant that was accessible to the local deer population. I haven't re-applied the solution and we've had torrential rains the past two months, so these photos are proof!

[sorry, the images didn't copy, but they showed nice healthy vigorous plants in a garden.]

Make a solution of 20-percent whole eggs and 80-percent water. I purchased processed egg product with yolk (EggBeaters(r) or similar brand). If you wish to use whole fresh eggs, you must remove the white membrane (chalaza) that covers the yolk, which isn't particularly easy. The cartons of egg product have already been strained.

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