How can I get melted pot off glass stove top?

Victoria, Canada

While subletting, I inadvertently turned on the wrong element on a glass top range. It appears as if the cheap metal from the pad on the empty pot melted a couple of rings onto the stove top - that won't budge.
Will the surface scratch if I try to remove it with a sharp blade? Any other ideas?

I have until Mar 31 to figure this out (when the owners return)

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Find the manufacturers web site. Email them to learn what to do. Ask the worst much to replace the top - this way you will have all the info up front. I hope you get the stain off. My first attempt would be to soak it with baking soda paste. Let sit / dry etc. and see if that doesn't help.

Next -- would oven cleaner (the spray on no heat type) work? Would that hurt the glass (again ask the maker)

Victoria, Canada

Thanks for the ideas. I have tried baking soda - didn't budge....still a baking soda fan though - I mean this is hardened metal I was asking it to remove!
I guess I've got nothing to lose by trying to scrape it with a blade .... but if I have to replace the top, not only will it cost, but there's the owners warranty issues. Dang.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Calling the manufacturer is a good idea to see the extent of what you are facing.

Here are some links on the care and repair of glass stove tops, in case this helps:

Lineville, IA

I have an Matage glass top stove.They gave me a tool that has a blade in it like a razor blade. If something boils over I use this to scrape it off. The man at the store where I bought it took a quater and tried to scratch it and didn't hurt it. Ann

pensacola, FL(Zone 8a)

try some Barkeepers friend cleanser and a razor scraper, i clean houses and this to me is the most effective thing i can find.


Huntersville, NC

hope it is not too late -

have you tried heating the area - again.
the melted substance should soften.

using multiple thick layers of paper towel begin wiping what can be moved.

a film of varying thickness will remain.
these glass stove tops have a razor cleaning device.
this device with the regular stove top cleaner should get the job done - easily.

**One Note Of Caution - have the heat at the lower point to melt.
The highest heat may cause the material to ignite.

been there, done that, tee shirt & the video! (LOL remembering my stove mishaps.)

Have learned (the hard way) to Always use a timer with electric stove.


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