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cut dahlias

Hercules, CA

this year i'm adding dahlias to the things i sell at farmers' markets. i've placed orders and gotten some also from stores. while waiting for the sun to come up, i was wondering about some things and thought: what better a place to ask about them than here!!!
please feel free to answer any of the following that you know about:

do those of you who sell them add fillers to your bunches? if so, what?

do you group them by color/shape/variety/size? which size sells the best?

how many flowers do you put in a bunch and about how much do you sell them for, if you feel comfortable saying?

i don't remember other flower sellers selling them; is there a reason for that?

i have read they last 4-6 days cut. is that your experience? do the powders you add to the water help?

is it worth trying to sell them as tubers and/or in containers in bloom or with pictures?

are there some that don't seem to sell? are there some that people really love?

are there other flowers you combine them with?

are there pluses and minuses you can think of or other suggestions?

thanks and i'd better stop now before i overwhelm myself...hehehe. hurry up, spring!!!!

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

I have only grown a couple of dahlias for personal use, so can't help you with any of the grower/selling questions. I remember them doing quite well in my arrangements. There is a dahlia forum that may be able to answer your specific questions if you don't get any answers here. good luck.

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