In need of Latest neat crochet project

Redding, CA(Zone 8b)

I haven't ever done crochet, but a friend of mine has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer and she loves to crochet. She has been sent home as she is not strong enough for any type of treatments. I was hoping if I could show her something new or different we might be able to spark her interest and help her get through this period.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. She has two daughters and two grandsons, age 5 & 7. I thought maybe some of the animal things were cute, but not sure if they are knitting or crochet.

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

A simple and fun crochet project would be wash cloths out of the "peaches and cream cotton yarn". I think that there is even a pattern on the yarn itself. I know that Walmart carries it and probably many other yarn shops have it. It you alreay have the yarn I can give you the pattern instructions.

Redding, CA(Zone 8b)

Thank you Jan, that would be great and much appreciated.

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

Do you want the pattern?

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Dee - any chance you could spring for a subscription to "Crochet" Magazine for her? That would be a fun surprise and something she could look forward to every other month.

Here is the website for the magazine, and it has free patterns on it too!

The subscription starts with a free issue and then 6 more issues (1 year) for $20.

There is also this website:
It has a lot of free patterns on it too.

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

Great sites and has some great free patterns too.

Redding, CA(Zone 8b)

Thank you both.

I would get her a subscription but as of yet, she doesn't seem too motivated to do anything. With her condition I don't want to do anything long term. The websites are a great help. I printed out a few and gave them to her.

Amazingly she is not in pain, but is very tired all the time. I figured since she liked to crochet it would be something she might want to do, but don't want to push it. Will just have to wait and see, but thank you again for the websites and info.


San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Could she make scrubbies? These are more practical IMO than the Scotch Brite type things in the supermarket. You would probably need to prepare the netting for her -


Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Annie's Attic has a free pattern every day so check there also.


Redding, CA(Zone 8b)

Thank you. Appreciate the info. (love the sunflower scrubby)

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