GARDEN Contests and Freebies...

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Contests and free items....hmmmm where to put a thread like this? I didn't want it lost in a regional forum where a good chunk of the rest of DG wouldn't see it.

But here's the latest in the new issue of Readers Digest mag....

ENTER to WIN an edible community garden (could be for a school to) at

FREE Campbell's soup has an ad, says they've had their own seed business for generations (news to me lol) but will send you tomato seeds FREE upon request. Be forewarned though, I think tomato seeds are the hardest to start---there is an AWESOME thread about how to encourage strong tomato plant growth from seed but so far we've only been able to grow leggy plants from seed ;) Go to for your free seeds.

And if you come across gardening contests or freebies, please post them here. And if you have a better forum for this to sit please let me know :)

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