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Experience with Or suggestions on RED CLOVER Seeds?


i have a huge amount of Red Clover seeds, bit I have not planted this before. My instincts say to throw them on the soil and just water~ as that is how they would propagate in the wild...Any Suggestions please?

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

Well, I'll watch this thread with you -- I bought a pound of t hem as cover crop for a sort of "waste" area. Some of them I made into seedballs using a recipe of red clay powder, compost and seeds -- and those I believe have germinated but they are in a kind of weedy area and there are lots of little seedlings happening -- too soon to sort out what is what.

I then later on scattered some just like you said in an adjacent area that has fewer weeds already present..... it snowed on them right after. ;-)

I do understand that red clover is able to germinate and do okay in poor soil which is why I chose it.


i have to laugh, the misfortune of the towns name where you live~ I have seen countless postings of people at the sign. As to our clover I have scattered a great deal of mine, now, and used my hose to water them 'into the dirt', and,( or if ) when the next two weeks show nothing or something I will add some soil accordingly. I held some seeds in reserve as well. I have heard of the trick with a clay ball but not tried it~ the soil here is too sandy. I could buy it, but this way is easier, I am trying for tea, not a cover crop. but erosion proofing by the trees is in mind.

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

Misfortune? LOL! I have to say I kind of like the name myself..... but it does generate the jokes. ;-)

Yeah, I bought the clay to do that with... and will be interested to see how well it works compared to where i just scattered seeds without all that.

You are looking to make red clover tea? Interesting..... I have made red clover vinegar for years as the vinegar extracts the minerals...... but this time just want it to help this sad patch of ground a bit, if it will.....

Galesburg, IL

Just sowing them and watering them in should work fine if the soil has been previously tilled. If you are working with a waste area, I would "scratch" the surface with a garden rake, sow and water. When we plant as a hay crop, the clover is surface seeded and pressed into the soil with a roller. Or we would also just drag a chain behind the seeder to give them a light cover. Clover is very easy to grow as long as you aren't trying to sow it onto a hard compacted surface.


THANKS trc65! i should be in in the money ~it is in two types of soil, a mix composted and coir potting mix with the top potting mulch undre the coir soil. Kylaluaz, glad you can smile at the name, too, I get a giggle at it myself~ and thanks again to trc65!!

Mississauga, ON(Zone 6a)

I found this tidibit of information about crimson clover, is that the same as red clover ? Hope it helps.

Trifolium incarnatum
Crimson clover needs fairly well-drained soil that is not too acid and has good phosphorous levels. If overwintered, it will be 45cm (18") tall, with crimson flowers the next June. Use 25lbs per acre; 500g covers 185sq m (2000sq ft). (open pollinated seeds)


the seed coverage sounds about right~Kylaluaz, what do you think about that as your usage was more in that vein....?


Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

This is the kind I got, info from Territorial:

Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop
Trifolium pratense var. sativum This biennial legume is an excellent fast-growing cover crop that can be planted almost any time of the year. More vigorous and tolerant of acid soils than other clovers, Mammoth Red breaks up clay soils and can add as much as 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Reaching up to 3 feet in height at maturity, Mammoth Red clover can provide enormous amounts of organic matter and tilth to your soil. Sow 1/2 pound per 1000 square feet or at 20 pounds per acre. Pre-inoculated.


Wow that is TALL...mine is trifolium pratense...seen here :

HENDERSON, NV(Zone 9a) I get the ''direct sow'', but under dirt or on top I dunno. so I am playing a 50/50 Game, as I live near enough las Vegas, i will call it a crap shoot, lol.

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

I think I recall I bought those cause there was a sale on........ pinching pennies sometimes. We'll see how they do.....



rock on Kyla thats always a great reason!! I got mine for Moms 'hot flashes' in tea, its a good solution and taste nice~generally good for the blood as well...

Pocahontas, IL

I sowed seeds on raked surface earlier this month and there are little seedlings germinating. I sowed them in a bare area to use as forage for my goats and horse. My question is that it snowed last night (barely anything light cover, I think it will melt by the end of today) do you guys think the seedlings will make it? I have not been outside yet today...Will the seeds that did not germinate yet will they make it?


yes, its been COLD (in the mid forties and my top seeded seedlings are still green, so the snow should hopefull be like cold water...
Good luck ~ I got my seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs. dunno bout price comparison I had 4 oz of seeds forget what I paid...they are organic, from Canada thru MRHs in Oregon. They took right off!

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