identify please

Holden, LA(Zone 8b)

i have had this plant for 10 years. i have no idea of name or cultifor can someone help me please. hazel

Thumbnail by jellylady
Raleigh, NC

Kinda looks like my Lady Jane!

Thumbnail by E36yellowM3
Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

Here is a pic of my 'Lady Jane' from last year.

Thumbnail by Carter
Holden, LA(Zone 8b)

Thank you E36yellowM3 and Carter, It is Lady Jane. I have wanted to know for a long time. Hazel

Raleigh, NC

Sure jellylady - I actually found out what it was here on this forum from other folks. I had originally bought it as "Unique" from Wayside last year but it didn't match the pictures of Unique that I saw.

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

kinda late here but I join the crowd who says Lady Jane. A great performer in my garden.

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