Swap Tread-May 16, 2009 La RU

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Well it is time to start this thread of what we have to swap.

I had 5 trays of seedlings going and when they pressure washed my patio last week they pushed the trays up against the side of the porch and took the lids off. Of course this rain we had Thur night washed some of the pots completely out. No telling where I'll find those seedlings!!!!

Have fun!!!

Thumbnail by jeri11
Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Jeri's Spot:

Petasites - variegated
1. Sandra
2. Ruth
3. Julie

Rice Paper Plant

Faith Hosta
1. Cindy
2. Sandra

Oh, Cindy Hosta
1. Cindy
2. Sandra

1. Em

Fig(LSU Purple or Gold)
1. DonnaB

White Camilla

Peppermint Camilla-GONE
1. Tortisekeeper(Betty)
2. Terrye

Australian Tree Ferns
1. Emily

Red Wisteria Tree(From DonnaB)
1. Kim(Lily_love)

Blue Ginger(From DonnaB)
1. Kim(Lily_love)

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Thank you Jeri for opening this thread. (We need a sticky please).

Kim's spot:

I'll add the Chat thread; everyone please come and join me here:

Have List:

Sweet Autumn Clematis

1. Betty2
2. Julie
3. Marion
4. Jo_Ann

Japanese Windflowers 'September Charm':
1. Sandra
2. Mary D.
3. Julie
4. Debbie
5. Betty2
6. Cindy
7. Mary (4004)
8. Genna
9. Kathy_ann
10. Marion (& a pink spirea)
11. Jo_Ann

One and only; Great rudbeckia (none left).
- Cindy.

Pink Lotus seeds:

- Debbie
2. Mary D.

Flowering Maples;

1. Marion

Have I missed anyone so far? I'll have more stuff from the basement as I gradually move them and harden them off outdoor....

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Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

Betty's spot: Have List

1. Julie
2. Marion

Love in the mist
1. Emily
2. Marion
3. Mary D

Will add more as I see what I will have.

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Booneville, MS

Terrye's spot.

Here's my list:

Sedum - Jellybean, Blue spruce, Baby Tears, Angelonia, John Creech
Grasses - Adagio (2), Little Zebra (2), Karl Forester(2), Praire Blue Switch, Shenadoah Switch Grass
Various daylilies
Kerria japonica Yellow Rose of Texas
Persicaria - Red Dragon (2), Lance Corporal
Plume Poppy
Various cannas
Russian sage, Black and Blue salvia
Var. solomon's seal
Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Silver mint,
Hydrangea, Nikko blue, Limelight (1), Spirea - Baby's Breath (1)
pink oregano
Ajuga - Black scallop,
St. john's wort - Brigadoon
Bearded iris - Fiction, Edith P Wheeler, Pink Attraction,
Butterfly bush - lilac
Lonicera - Baggesen's Gold
Hosta - Golden Tiara
Japanese sunflowers Helianthes flore-pleno
NOID hardy pink geraniums
Button mums - NOID
Bog Sage
Ice Plant - Mesa Verde
Crocosmias - Eastern Promise

I'll have a few more things to add later.

To bring:

Marion - Bl and Blue,kerria, spirea, Jap sunflowers, Pearl
Gen - Persicaria, Kerria, hydrangea, iris, butterfly bush, Jap. Sunflowers, indigo
Betty - kerria, creeping phlox
Em - hermans pride
Karen - sedums
Julie -Kerria japonica Yellow Rose of Texas, ,Any hydrangea,Var. solomon's seal,Hosta - Golden Tiara, Japanese sunflowers Helianthes flore-pleno,NOID hardy pink geraniums
Donna - Jap. Sunf., bog sage, ice plant MV


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Ripley, MS

I guess I will save a spot too-----still waiting to see what is going to come up here, some things have showed up, but not all yet.

Limelight Artemisia----http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/48861/
Blue Spruce Sedum----http://www.entomology.cornell.edu/Extension/Woodys/CUGroundCoverSite/Sedum%20reflexum.html
Hardy Pink Verbena--this is a ground cover type verbena and it has come back after every winter it has been here. I bought it 10 years ago and when I bought it, the tag said hardy to 10 degrees.
Assorted Daylilies
Tall purple phlox
Tall white phlox

Marion-- hardy pink verbena, purple phlox, white phlox, daylily
Jennifer--tall purple phlox

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Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

Rooted Epiphillum Cuttings

Jade leaf cuttings, currently being rooted (each one is for 2 leaf cuttings)

Lipstick Plant Cutting, currently being rooted
1. gen2026 (Genna)

Abraham Darby cuttings (IDK how to root cuttings, but if you want them, they're yours)
1. mairn497 (Marion)
2. tortoisekeeper (Betty)

Crassula "watchchain" cuttings (being rooted now)
1. kathy_ann (Kathy)

Trailing Fuscia cuttings (trying to root, should be fine)
1. mairn497 (Marion)
2. Busybee
3. gen2026 (Genna)

I will be adding more later.

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Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Sandi's spot....

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

My spot

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

So far I know I have:

Varigated Artemisia--
Turks cap
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Large--Med--& Small Gardenia cuttings
Ham & Eggs Lantana
Perennial Morning Glory
Clerodendrun Bungii---
Walking Iris
Black-eyed-Susan vine
Passion vine
Purple water hyacinth
Parrots Feather
Pink Confederate Rose

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Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

Thank you thank you Kim. Yes to both. You are so sweet to think of me.


Baton Rouge area, LA(Zone 8b)

My spot.

So far, I`m attempting to root cuttings of red camellia,scarlett meidiland rose(disease resistant climber) pink hydrangea,white rose of sharon and confederate jasmine. I also have transplanted some variegated iris,walking iris, one LA iris black gamecock and various ee and will plan for 3 bronze banana plants. The crinums that need thinned out turned out to be the salmon or orange colored ones. I`m sure those are old too. We will see what else comes up for digging...

I updated my listing and names. Please Dmail if me if I overlooked a request.

1. red camellia(1 left)These don`t look too good so be aware they may not make it. Betty-tortoisekeeper, Jen2026,

2.scarlet meidiland rose(3 left) Betty-tortoisekeeper, Froggiesgirl
3. solid white rose of sharon (5)
4. variegated iris (2 left) Froggies-girl
5. black game cock LA iris(None left) Froggiesgirl
6. walking iris (1)
7. black bamboo-These are small offsets from the main plant (1 left) Froggiesgirl,Sandra
8. pink hydrangea (4 left) Sandra,Jen2026,
9. morning glory unknown volunteers (5 left) Betty-tortoisekeeper,
10. orange/salmon,red crinum lily large size bulbs(2 left) Jen2026, froggies_girl, DonnaB, Kim -Lily_love

11. confederate jasmine smells wonderful (1 left) Jen2026,EmsGarden,
12. bronze banana (2 left) Froggiesgirl
13. dark green large upright elephant ear(3)
14. light green large upright elephant ear (3)
15. LMG Watermelon canna (1 left) froggies_girl

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Maben, MS(Zone 7b)

My spot

Fairy Rose(3)------Genna,Marion
turks cap---------Julie
zebra grass
giant reed grass
pregnant onion------Marion,Julie
Pink spiderwort
clara curtis mum-----Genna,Terrye
purple aster(fall blooms)----Marion,Genna
yellow canna
unknown iris
purple verbena-----Genna
strawberry begonia-----Jen
carolina jasmine

will add more later

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Copperas Cove, TX(Zone 8b)

Will have to post closer to time for the trip and see if we get to go then I'll put up my list.

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Saint Francisville, LA(Zone 8b)

OK...I'm a newbie, so I need some explanation...what's with the "spots"? Do I "sign up" for a spot where I'm going to bring my plants to swap? How many should I plan on bringing? Any size requirements?

Ripley, MS

We usually save a spot to list what we have to bring, then all our offerings are in one place. I have put a few things on my spot all ready and if someone asks for those plants, I will have their name on the plant when I bring it.
There are no requirements--except please label the plants with the correct name, if you want to also put your name on it as from--that is nice too, so we can remember who gives us what.
Our group usually requires no trade, meaning, ask for whatever you want and we will bring it to you. Don't be shy--if someone lists a plant that is special, they will usually say, this is available for trade only, meaning they want a "special" plant back if you get it--lol
I hope this is clear as mud--lol

Saint Francisville, LA(Zone 8b)

No...I think it is clear...I use my "spot" online...then I can make adjustments to it. OK. I can do that!

Saint Francisville, LA(Zone 8b)

Marion's Spot:
Bauhinia Orchid Tree (started from seed last month, already 8" tall)
1. Kim (Lily-love)
2. Sharon (Savage Gardener)
3. Busybee
4. Canna Girl

Pink Shrimp Plant (rooted cuttings)
1. BusyBee
2. jlp222
3. gen2026
4. Riverland
5. jomoncon

Rangoon Creeper (from seed this year)
1. Terrye
2. Kim (Lily-love)
& if I can get some more:
3. Julie
4. Sharon (Savage Gardener)
5. BusyBee

Trillium (wild - a small collection from a very large patch)
1. Kim (Lily-love)
2. jomoncon
3. jlp222

Elephant Ears (Practically invasive here in zone 8b...so prolific)

Nandina (small volunteers collected from under larger plants)

Agapanthus (started from seed last year)
1. jlp222

Wild Cherokee Roses
1. Betty (tortoise keeper)
2. Genna (gen2026)

Ardisia (Coral Berry):
1. BusyBee
2. Julie - Froggie's Girl
3. Canna Girl

Ginger Lily (White):

1. Kathy_Ann

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Saint Francisville, LA(Zone 8b)

that hardy pink verbena sounds great, too...I'm being "not shy" as you suggested!

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

May I please reserve a Bauhania orchid tree and a rangoon creeper, trillium too if possible.

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Here's what I have so far:

Hardy Pink verbena (ground cover type)
1. Mairn
2. Donna
Artemisa limelight
hooker's orchid cactus
purple rocket larkspur
sweet potato vine - GONE
1. Betty (tortoisekeeper)
2. Karen
elena EE
1 Terrye
orange crocosmia - about 10
red kalanchoe
shasta daisy
1 karen
night blooming jasmine - trying to root, first attempt failed, Jeri just gave me some good advice
1 sharon (you asked me for some in Oct)
2 busybee
Walking iris - Sandra - GONE
Autumn Joy sedum - Jeri - GONE

Will add more and how many when I have time to really go around the yard and see.

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Hammond, LA(Zone 8b)

Marion - can I get a pink shrimp plant? Thanks :)

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Marion I would love to have a shrimp plant and a ragoon creeper too. I will have a lot of things when I list. Cindy

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Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I would love to try one of the pink shrimp plants if you have plenty. I know they aren't hardy here - but they are so cute.


Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I would like to try the Fairy Rose please.

Can you tell me what the Wild Cherokee Rose is like?


New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

Can you please save a Pink Shrimp Plant and some wild trilliums for me?

This is my first RU & I'm so excited about all of this.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I'm confused, is there two swap threads for the Midsouth RU?

I just posted on the other one. LOL

Ripley, MS

The other is a chat thread, this is the thread to list your haves and wants and record what you will bring to other people, by the way, I need one of those invasive malvas--you know me and invasives, I have a hard time keeping them alive.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

LOL I'll put you down for one,

Better start my list now

I am also going to go ahead and put my have list down, If it doesn't work out with Danny getting that job, I can go back to sharing a ride wtih Marilyn and Kim.

So here's some haves, I'll be adding on later on

Variegated solomon seal (mairn497)
Giant snow drops, very few
Money plant
Zebrina malva (Sandra) (mairn497)
Arum italicum (mairn497)
Grape hyacinth (mairn497
fairy rose rooted cuttings if I can get them to root
lady banks yellow rose (mairn497)
working on rooting them. Who was it that wanted the yellow from me? Orange tiger lilies (mairn497)
Bronze beauty ajuga
chocolate chip ajuga
Lemon balm
Ruby port columbine (tortoiskeeper)
Crested woodland iris
Agastache blue fortune (mairn497)
Nepeta walkers low. (jlp222) (Jeri) Have a flat of this rooting now, looking really good, have promised some to someone, will have to go back and check who that was. but can root all kinds of it.
Nepeta dropmore (tryliv) (jeri) snowflake very few ( Jeri) (tryliv)
Strawberry begonia
Strawberries & cream canary grass
rose champion (mairn497)
Silver queen artemesia
Comfry (mairn497)
Rooted cuttings forsynthia (mairn497)
porcelain berry vine plants solid and variegated, but don't know which is which they all come up together

Stone throw pink (jlp222)
White flowering pineapple scent (tryliv) (mairn497)
Violet queen

FO TI herb plant
Tangerine southernwood (mairn497)

Ortel's rose (mairn497) (jlp222) (heavenscent) (tryliv)
cherise queen (mairn497) (jlp222) (heavenscent) (tryliv)

Heidi (mairn497) (heavenscent) (tryliv)

Can try my luck at rooting a couple butterfly bushes
one light purple I think it's nano blue and the other is red (tryliv wants red)
A few akebias, silver bells (mairn497) (lily-love) ( Jeri) Have to check for more now.
quinata (mairn497) (lily-love) (jeri) have to check if I have more now
Echinacea plants (mairn497) (heavenscent)
: Mojito,
hillary sweet lemon,
sweet pear,
kentucky colonel,
oregano thyme,
Julia's sweet citrus,
Jim's candy lime
pink candy pops
himalayan silver mint

Medio variegata, (heavenscent)
matrona, (heavenscent)
sheila mcqueen, , (heavenscent)
purple emperor, (heavenscent)
brilliant, (jlp222)
bertram anderson (heavenscent) (jlp222)
cauticola, (heavenscent)
john creech, (heavenscent)
sieboldi, , (heavenscent)
autumn fire, (heavenscent) (jlp222)
autumn joy (heavenscent) (jlp222)

Asarum: Canadense (mairn497)
Parot lily (mairn497)

Quite a few unnamed georgious daylilies but the tags are there, will have to dig them to find the names though, and I did find a few names also
siloam show girl
red one called leo'? something or another will find when I dig up the tag
Illini show girl? (mairn497)
moonwitch Daylily

Some iris's some unnamed or lost tags other's named
TB smoke rings
TB living right
TB honeyglazed
TB persian berry (jlp222)

SDB skyray
SDB ritz
SDB starbaby
SDB rachael paul
SDB miss nellie

I will have other things later on but this is a quick run through of the gardens this evening of what I had plenty enough of.

Sharon I'd love some of that orange pheonix daffodil I have heard of that one and I did have it at one time. Got it many years ago from a trader, but have no idea where it is.

I also have a huge row of iris that I can only name for you when they bloom, I do have pictures of all of them though. But I can't list the names and give them to you as named cause I don't know which is which untill they bloom for me. They do need to be divided though.

I also have some cannas that are going in the trash as soon as they start making themselves known, (mairn497)

the president
A tall maroon leaved one
and a solid yellow one

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Maben, MS(Zone 7b)

Genna will put you down for a Fairy Rose.


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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Woowee, Kathy what a looooooong list! :-)

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

LOL Thanks, that ain't half of it though.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

LOL Thanks, that ain't half of it though

I had a bunch of bears black figs rooting in the GH but that's gone, I will have cuttings probably before the RU of 4 or 5 other figs, I may be able to take cuttings and root them before the RU. Their all named varieties. And this is if I can keep the Deer away from them long enough for them to grow out. We usually get our frosts too early for the fruit to ripen, unfortunately. I may have to dig one and keep it potted to get fruit off them

Booneville, MS

KA, I'd love some nepeta dropmore and the white monarda. I'll get my list up soon.


Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Got you down Terrye

I'm waiting a bit before posting the white flowering nepeta called snowdrop, it's small but if it gets bigger I'll be able to take cuttings off it too.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I would love to have some of the daffodil as well if you are able to save it,


Copperas Cove, TX(Zone 8b)

Kathy I want to come live in your yard, lol. Hopefully will know in the next couple of weeks if I can make it.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Really? I'll put you to work !! LOL I've been out there all morning.

Booneville, MS

Does anyone have rhubarb? I have looked in the box stores and seed stores and cannot find plants or seeds. I think it is a perennial. Do you buy it as a plant or by seed?


Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

our walmart has it, want me to pick some up for you? There's only one plant in each container. I'm not sure on the cost of them. or what kind it is. going back to town friday , I can check for you. I saw them there today but didn't want any for myself. I do have some growing, new plant last fall

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