Plants for small pots?

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

These hyacinth bloomed in frigid early February. (My first attempt at growing flowers!) Now that the blossoms are long gone and the real Spring is coming, I need to find a new kind of plant to try in these pots. They're 3" in diameter, and about 5.5" tall, no drainage holes, but very absorbant. The hyacinths had to be watered pretty regularly to keep the soil moist. The windows are second story southern facing in Rhode Island. Any suggestions on some nice bright small flowers? I just started some 6" Pansy seeds in peat pellets... but I'm afraid they'll be too bushy for these pots. Once the weather lets me keep the window open, the plants will have about 4" of 'bushing' space.

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Those are nice little pots! You could grow Amaryllis bulbs in them, just be careful with watering since there's no drainage. Check your local Wal-Mart garden center, they usually have a few different Amaryllis bulbs in spring, at about $3.00 each. They grow fast and produce beautiful blooms!

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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Your amaryllis is lovely plantladylin. Our garden centres had orangy ones in a month or so ago - I might have to have a trip to our supermarkets over here and see if we have any of the bulbs in :) (We don't specifically have Wal-Mart but they do own one of our big supermarkets so fingers crossed :)).

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Dipsy: If your supermarket doesn't have any, ask to speak to whoever orders plants/flowers and ask if they can get a few in for you! Never hurts to try! ^_^

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

You might want to consider paperwhite narcissus. They are very fragrant. I don't know if these are easily available in the UK, but they are frequently sold in the US in the spring already started in pots, I have also seen prepackaged bulbs (or are they corms?) that can be used for forcing indoors.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Thanks Plantladylin! I didn't know that amaryllis could do so well in tiny containers! My father has a few salmon colored amaryllis very similar to yours down in Florida, but he has them in bigger pots. Paperwhite narcissus is a good idea too - I think actually had a hard time choosing between the hyacinths and the narcissus when I was picking bulbs to try last November...

Will the bulb plants like amaryllis, narcissus, and hyacinth grow well and flower in Rhode Island during the summer? The bulbs took 9-10 weeks to flower from when I planted in early November. If I found some bulbs (internet might still have some) and planted them by the end of April - it'll be mid-July before they might be blooming. It's likely to be 80 degrees or more in the window every day by then...


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