Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

The 12 Month Quilting Block Swap for 2009-10 has begun! Since you have all been so anxious to get started I will start receiving your colors and block patterns IMMEDIATELY and the first blocks will be due to me by the end of May.

Each month will be a seperate thread so we can keep track of the blocks, colors and the results.

Remember, each participant will choose a pattern and colors for the blocks she wants for her month. Each month, except the one that is yours, you will make a quilt block (and one for yourself if you choose) in the pattern and colors designated by that months' individual. Send the block to me and I will send all 12 blocks to the person whose month it is. No embroidery since some don't have that machine option, but you can choose from a variety of patterns.

Please send the pattern directions to me, Ladydragon 5, before you post it on the thread. I should be able to tell if it is just challenging, or not possible! Also, please send me your e-mail address and your mailing address if it is not in the DG Exchange.

Block Specifics:

1. All fabric should be 100% cotton. Please wash all fabric before making
Fabric is completely up the individual as long as it is 100% cotton.
2. Do not use any spray starch on blocks, spray sizing is OK.
3. Remove all selvages before cutting fabric for blocks
4. Block should be 12.5 x 12.5 when finished.
5. Make 1 block to send and 1 block for yourself (optional).
6. Cut off date for your mailing would be the end of the month i.e. the June
block would need to be mailed not later than June 30th.
7. Do not mail ahead although you may make your block ahead of time.
8. You may ask for fabric types (patriotic, country, geometric) and ask for
SOME specifics (no solids, Tone on tone) but that is all.
8. Remember, after you make a quilt we would love to see your results!!

You will be signing up for the entire year, so even if you get your blocks in the early months, remember you need to stick with us for the entire year. Others are counting on you. If something happens and you will not be able to complete a month or the 12 months, please contact the hostess as soon as possible. I realize that everyone has a life outside of the swap, but please try to plan, so that things will go smoothly.

The following are participants in this swap, their colors and months they will receive their blocks.

1. May - Taters55 - Red, white & blue

2. June - Shuggins - Black, white, red

3. July - Quilter5bdsr - red, off-white, blue/off-white stars (patriotic)

4. August - Qwilter - red, white and blue

5. Sept. – Llilyfan – red, off-white and blue. Winter Star

6. Oct. - Ladydragon5 - blue and green batiks

7. Nov. – Heavenscape - scraps of stripes, checks, polka dots. NO Pink

8. Dec. - Fleursdefouquet -tradional Christmas colors; red, green, white,gold.
Debra will embrodiery your name in the middle of your block

9. Jan. – Cheriffic - burgundy, tan, white. Small prints; no solids

10. Feb. - BarefootT - blue for dark, yellow for light. Prints/TOT; no solids

11. March – Babeegirl - True red, true yellow, black & white.
On The Oregon Trail

12. April - Abbisgranma - white on white background, scraps

13. May - Bettypauze -

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Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

May is Taters55 (Linda Kay’s) Month. She will receive her blocks
sometime in June.

Shuggins - Sheila
Quilter5bdsr - Barb
Qwilter - Jean
Llilyfan - Susan
Ladydragon5 - Janice
Heavenscape - Jaye
Fleursdefouquet - Debra
Cheriffic - Cheryl
BarefootT - Thunder
Babeegirl - Sondra
Abbisgranma - Marion
Bettypauze - Betty

*means they have been received by Janice

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Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

Guess I need to get my block picked! I know I want Black, White with a touch of red.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Thank you Ladydragon5. Let the games begin. Does anyone object to first names or must we keep this to sign-on names? I'm never sure on DG. Don't want to offend.

Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

First names work for me.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Me too Sheila../ I find it's easier to relate. Barb

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)


Here is my block, and I like the red white and blue colors!

Wow, can't believe I am first!

First names is fine here too!

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

You ladies have picked some fine blocks! I really LOVE the Winter star!

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

Sondra here :)

Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

Youg gals are really on the ball! So glad that you are all so excited about this swap; let's keep the excitment going throughout the year.
I'm glad you decided on real names as I expect to get to know all of you VERY WELL!

Looks like we have a lot of red, white and blue lovers. I know those colors make great quilts and the colors are usually true to what the chooser had in mind. Black and white is another good combination, but feel free, ladies, to push the envelope with your color combinations. Even if you have to "show" us a piece of fabric that is the color you want so we can get it right.

Keep up the good work!

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Darn I'm terrible with names!!!

I'm home!!!!! The critters were all happy to see me. My cockatail spent quite awhile sitting on my shoulder and singing and doing what else birds do so well!!! The cats met me at the door. Now to pay the bills that accumulated. I'll get the link to the pattern out probably Fri - I am taking the day off.

I know it will be RWB - patriotic theme.

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

this may sound stupid, but can I have a clarification please??? is august Qwilter,,??

(thunder)Wildwood, FL(Zone 9a)

qwilter, you typed as I was typing, I was wonder ing if it was you ;-} now I know....I am bad with name too

everyone is going to have to be VERY patient with me....

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

One of us can't spell!!!! She can - I just have to be different and break the rules!!!!!
We all need name tags

(Cheryl) Wilmington, MA

First names are fine with me too Cheryl

(Cheryl) Wilmington, MA

did we all decide paper piecing was out

Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

Yep, Qwilter is in August and Quilter5bdsr is in July. If you will notice you are all in alphabetical order, just reversed. Those at the end of the alphabet usually get put at the end of the lilne, so I thought I would give them a break by letting them go first. I also thought this would be an easy way to remember who goes next; just check your a,b,c's.

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Please don't choose a paper piecing pattern. I have never done that before, and would have no idea where to begin!


Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

Oh, Jean, I am sorry. My bad... I should know you well enough by now not to spell your DG name wrong but I guess I just followed the one ahead of you. I have made the correction in both of the spots and maybe, since you have been away for a while, you wont even notice. hint, hint. Glad your back.

Well, what is the feeling about paper piecing? It is really stretch for me by I am dying to try it. Since I only have to (complete) one I can practice to my hearts content. Speak Up, Ladies!!

(Marion) Havana, FL(Zone 8b)

I really have a "single" mind set right now so will post my colors and block the first of next week. Just arrived back home from Gainesville, will be gathering up items needed for the festival and returning early Thursday to stay until it is over. I have a good idea of the block but want to look one more time before posting. thanks!!

Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

I would prefer if we didn't do paper piecing, but will go along with whatever everyone decides.

(Cheryl) Wilmington, MA

Okay take a look at this block it has a very small amount of paper piecing . It really is a great one for beginners. My month is a year away plenty of practice time. If everyone still wants to stay away from it that is ok too. I have another pick. http://www.quilterscache.com/B/BirdofParadiseBlock.html

Thanks Cheryl

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Actually, this one can easily be done w/out paper piecing. I can send instructions for anyone who prefers to do it with a template.

And I, for one, don't mind paper piecing as long as there aren't a gazillion tiny pieces to deal with.

But, I'm not in charge here - but again, will send "normal directions" for anyone who would need them.

I do like the pattern - Love Bird of Paradise plants!!!

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

I love paper piecing, it's addictive!

Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

What do you think of that Bird of Paradise? Isn't that the most beautiful thing? I can see it in batiks; oh, boy, this could get interesting.
Unless someone REALLY objects I think we should go for it! If Jean can send the easy directions to anyone who wants to go that route and those of us who have wanted to stick our toes in the paper piecing pool can try it that way. As she says, this is almost a year away so we have time to practice.

What say?

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

I would have no problem with this block Cheryl and it is a good way to learn paper piecing. It's very simple. I also like your suggestion, Pat, as this would help anyone who wouldn't want to try paper pieceing. Stretch a little ladies -- and since you have a year to practice why not?

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I would not mind trying it, but send templates just in case!


(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Linda, you can print out the templates from the pattern page. Check out the top right side of page one.

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

I went down to my sewing area downstairs last night and couldn't believe how disorganized my fabric has gotten. I try shoeboxes, plastic stackers, shelves, and it all ends up being mixed up together after a few projects. Has anyone found a unique way to corral the fabric monster? I think I just like making a mess:)

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Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

I am trying a new idea. I found some 12x12 plastic envelopes at Wall-Mart. When I sign up for a swap I put the pattern and the fabric in that envelope. As I work on the blocks I put them back in the envelope (since cat loves to sleep on or play with these) and after I mail them I empty the envelope of scraps, file the pattern, and it is ready for another swap. I use the same method for other projects like purses to make or easter baskets to sew. Helps me keep track of how many "balls" I'm juggling at one time.
I use the larger clear plastic scrapebook cases for my fabrics. I keep them by grouping; black and white, red, white and blue, and then the odd ones. I wait until these are on sale at Micheals or Hobby Lobby.
Now my problem is that none of my shelves are deep enough for those cases to fit, but since they stack I can store them elsewhere.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Do you have a picture of your eater baskets?
Would love to see them.
I make mine from elmers glue and a ball of 100% cotton crochet thread.

Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

Funny story...I was driving home from out of town on Saturday and stopped by a small quilt shop in a VERY small town. One of the ladies there was making Easter baskets from a purse pattern. The pattern came in petite thru lg. and she was using the petite. It takes only 1 yd of material; 1/2 for inside and 1/2 for outside. She had girls stuff with eggs and bunnys and boys with John Deere tracters and racing cars. They were adorable and the friend that was with me said, "I'll buy the pattern if you'll make the baskets" so ....that's another fine mess you've gotten me into, Olly!

If you want to know what pattern I can let you know when I get home from work tonight or just mail you the pattern and directions.

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

I'm interested.............like I need ANOTHER project!

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Me too please!!

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

I have decided on July Fourth at http://www.quilterscache.com/J/JulyFourthBlock.html in red, cream, and blue/cream stars. The reason I said cream and blue/cream stars is that I can't find blue/white stars anywhere!!!! If you can match cream in blue fabric with other cream, that would be wonderful. I'd like them to look like the pattern.
Since my blocks are for July I thought these blocks would get everyone in the spirit of the holiday....

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Is this the one you are talking about. That is pretty!

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Linda, I fixed the link - sorry about that. After seeing all the beautiful red, white and blue blocks before, I knew that's what I wanted. DH picked this one from five options. I think it will be fairly easy. If anyone has problems with it just let me know and I'll help however I can.

Fostoria, OH(Zone 5a)

I'll get the info on those patterns for the Easter baskets to you no later than tomorrow morning. I'm at work and have swimming after, so I get home late tonight.

Looks like I had better get on the ball here. I thought since I had Oct. I could wait a bit before choosing my pattern and colors but you have all been busy bees. I don't want you to think your hostess is not coming through. (Maybe I should give you the block I used for the black and white; it was quite a challenge. See?http://www.quilterscache.com/H/HuntersStarBlock.html )

But I will come up with something; maybe one for a batik?

Put on my thinking cap....Hum

(Cheryl) Wilmington, MA

I like that choice Janice looks like a fun block.

Thank you everyone for giving my block a shot :-) Cheryl

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Definitly Cheryl We like a challenge and you gave us an easy one. I love the block. Have you any preferences as to color placement? -- what part of the block that you want a certain color? Barb

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