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Bee stings for RA

scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

Has anybody tried this personally? I have heard it's been used for ages and recent studies have actally proven it works but the medical community is clueless.

Waynesville, MO

I am awaiting my first shipment of bees. My mother has RA and I am trying to convince her to try this. I have read a lot of postive stuff about it. Good luck!

scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

It is still too cold here for bees, but I'll keep a look out for them. i don't have my own hives but I should be able to catch a few this summer. It's supposed to work really well with methotrexate.

Hudsonville, MI

I started keeping bee's last year and stumbled across someone saying that bee stings helped his soar back. So I began researching Bee Venom Therapy. I started to sting my elbow that was hurting for almost a year from splitting wood and painting for a living. I always had to wear a brace around my elbow, but after a couple treatments last summer I haven't used a brace since. I sting myself if it starts to ache. I also tried it on my dad who has neuropathy in his feet from diabetes. When I first started, he couldn't even feel the bee stings then he started to complain that it hurt. To me that seems that it was helping, but he moved down to Florida for the winter.

Hope that helps

scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

I have heard about the bee stings for sore backs and also for people with MS, but don't know anyone that does it.

Freedom, PA(Zone 6a)

My DH works for Norfolk and Southern Railroad and his hearing was bad because of all the noise. Last spring we started with 1 hive and he got stung a few time around his ears and last fall when he had to have his hearing checked at work his hearing test improved, we couldn't believe that. He is hearing much better now. We now have 2 hives and he plans on splitting the first one later in the season.

scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

I have actually read that hearing loss can be due to autoimmune process, so I can understand how bee stings would help in that regard.

Pensacola, FL

There is an Apitherapy site for anyone interested in the medicinal properties of bee stinging and other uses for bee products. Google American Apitherapy Society.
Honey is an antiseptic; propolis has many uses (that's the stuff they 'glue' the hive together with...the bees, not the keepers!) Local pollen for local allergies; the list goes on.
I have had MS for close to 50 yrs. Still walking, etc. Can't owe it all to bee stings, but it helps. They don't know why exactly (no $$ in researching it for 'Big Drug') but bee venom seems to help many autoimmune disorders. Just make sure you're not allergic (not being able to breathe is the only true allergy, anaphylactic shock).
Beekeeping is a great hobby. Great for the garden, environment (they're disappearing, that's another story...) Most towns, cities have a local beekeeping association too. And they LOVE to mentor new beekeepers!

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