Snake plant falling over

Milwaukee, WI

Hello everyone. A couple of the shoots on my snake plant are wanting to fall over and uproot right out of the pot. I'm wondering if the plant just isn't potted deep enough or is there something else wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I see they are on the outside of the plant. Every so often my snake plants do that--usually just one or two of the shoots. I consider it part of the normal shedding process any plant will do. I just clip them off so they won't ruin the rest of the plant. The rest of your plant looks plenty healthy.

Milwaukee, WI

any suggestions for keeping it upright? right now it's just leaning against the wall, but i'd like it if it would stand up on its own.

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

The only thing I can suggest is to carefully put a stake in the middle of the plants and tie it all up with green cord (green so it won't show so bad).

Dartmouth, Canada(Zone 6a)

My Sansevieria tend to do better when planted in pots that are snugger and less depth. Right after repotting, they can be unstable, but once their roots take old, they are fine.
Yours look quite healthy btw :)

Ripon, WI(Zone 4a)

I staked mine with a green bamboo stake and green cord and you really don't even notice it.

Caledonia, OH(Zone 5a)

Yeah binoche I had heard that the Sans like to keep the bound roots. I just think its crazy I can't even sit with my legs crossed for too long. lol

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