papaya seeds

Windsor, ON

I bought a papaya at the grocery store and would like to plant some seeds. I have rinsed them so do I have to dry them out? What do I do next? Also there are so many I would to save some for future use. How do I store them and how long do they last? Thanks for any help.

Fulton, MO

Papaya seeds aren't too hard to germinate but follow the guidelines here:

I haven't had any damping off problems as long as I sterilize the potting mix according to the directions in the link. If you get past this point, post back, because there are some specific issues related to growing containerized papaya up north here.

Also, do you intend to try to get fruit? You may not know for some time whether you have male, female, or hermaphroditic plants. Needless to say, you will get no fruit from male plants.

Windsor, ON

Thanks Stressbaby I have already planted a few seeds but I will try some more in sterilized soil. I didn't think I could get fruit indoors. I will post back when hopefully something happens.

Deep South, TX(Zone 9b)

A male with wet feet will morph and produce a single round fruit with one seed. Or so I was told by a freind from Hi. We ate one.

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