David Liddle Hoya Order

Grand Forks, BC(Zone 5b)

Bea (Mommum) has started a thread looking for Canadian interest in a David Liddle order. Since Ceedub organized an Eastern Canadian order, I guess this would be Western. If you are interested in buying some Hoya cuttings from David in Australia, check the Hoyas forum.

Rock Creek, BC(Zone 4a)

Hello DonM47,

I can't really afford to go in on this order right now although I'd love to, but I'm interested in the fact that you're in Grand Forks. I'm in Rock Creek, zone 4, about an hour away from you. I'm just getting back into Hoyas after 25 years without (I had 30 different species back then) and I also grow cacti and succulents including a few winter hardy cacti. Maybe we could get in touch privately if you'd be interested in doing any trading. I only have 2 Hoyas right now, kerrii and purpureo-fusca but both are big enough to take cuttings from. I also grow most of my cacti/succulents from seed so have lots of extra plants.


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