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Agh! Freezer Burn!

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

I don't recall losing food as often as lately. And that may be that my fridge is to old ??? or set to cold on the freezer? Anyhow unless it's vaccuum packed, like sausages all things get freezer burn. It takes long for factory sealed packages unopened like veggies or shredded cheese but anything that's been opened, even if re-closed in it's packaging it turns into a glacier! I mean I tossed tons of uncooked chicken breasts, some rolls, some corn dogs, etc because everything was ruined.

I even buy freezer bags. Doesn't seem to make a difference.

Missouri City, TX

It is the frost-free freezer. You need at least a half inch of space away from the sides for anything in them. They use heaters to melt any ice buildup, and packaged goods will thaw, too.

Freezer bags are better than nothing, but vacuum sealing is better still. Look for a sale at Kohl's and get one. Walmart, Kohl's, Academy, Bass Pro Shops, etc. all have them and the rolls to make your own bags (which are much cheaper than buying pre-made bags.

A dedicated freezer helps, too. The fewer times the door is opened, the better, and with a combination refigerator / freezer, there is always some air flow between them.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Thank-you Bubba for the tips!

North Saanich, Canada

I bought a Sears vacuum sealer last spring and absolutely love it. Have tried freezing all sorts of things. Works great for fruit as long as you freeze it first. Everything must be frozen first or the liquid gets sucked out. I was not impressed with the Sears bags, as I had quite a few that lost their seal. I now buy the Foodsaver Bags at Costco and have not had trouble with any of them. Everything I have vacuum sealed has been in great shape.
MIght be worth the investment!


Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Yes DH bought something like this recently we'll be needing to try it.

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

I also use my foodsaver a lot & that helps so very much. My biggest problem is wasting the bags when it's something you open frequently. I've been using the reynolds handi-vac a lot - While it doesn't have the power of the big food saver, it does a good job. I like that you can open, close & reseal the bags. I use it for small items that I reopen & close, or for things that I know won't stay in the freezer too long.

Plano, TX

i posted something a long while back about freezer burn--i wondered if i should use some things from the freezer and after good dave's garden advice i used things that i would have otherwise thrown out--i think it was a london broil and chicken and shrimp---i found that using the crock pot and using in gumbo and soup etc the meat worked fine--so if you find some freezer burn that you are thinking of throwing out you might want to rethink that

but of course the best is to avoid it if you can and so the advice from this thread is great!

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

I don't mind a little but whew when I saw no pink of the chicken it was literally alll encrusted in ice I couldn't do it. Sad to chuck it since it's so wasteful.

Yes we have the mini Reynolds sealer to :)

North Saanich, Canada

I package all my meat and fruit in small servings. Chicken, usually 2 or 3 breasts, or maybe 6 for a possible larger meal. Ground beef, one pound. 1 cup of fruit, or in the case of rhubarb, enough to make a crisp. etc etc I find it easier to do smaller servings, and then you aren't having to repackage all the time.

Plano, TX

i forgot to mention that someone suggested i cut off the "burn" part of the meat and i did--when it was partly frozen still and so easy to slice off

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