Anyone know a scented geranium that smells like violets?

(Zone 7a)

I just discovered in my copy of Louise Beebe Wilder's The Fragrant Path, page 184, that there was once a Violet-scented scented geranium.

A google search led me to , in which Leo Martin wrote, "Gladiolus scullyi (1st season bloomed) I've read it smells like violets,
but to me it has a strong scent just like the leaves of what is sold as
'Lime Geranium.'"

As it happens, a geranium coop thread in the DG coop forum has made an arrangement with to sell members of DG their rooted scented geraniums at a 20% discount either until or through June (can't remember which). And this website lists the following SGs associated with the lime category:

-- Pelargonium 'Lime' - "(lime) Soft, crinkled and lobed leaves. Large, rangy plants. Dark lavender flowers"

-- P. 'Pink Champagne' - "(lime) Dark green, leathery, lobed leaves. Large flowers have shocking-pink edges fading to blue-pink with darker veins."

Hah! Last night, unbeknownst to me, one of the 12 unrooted SG cuttings in excellent shape from that I stuck into their rooting media will - hopefully - smell like violets - Pink Champagne. Well, who knows...even if it doesn't, it's gonna be gorgeous and fragrant if it roots. But y'all should know about this website, because they are selling unrooted SG cuttings 12 for $18.50 - an excellent inexpensive source of SGs for risk-taking, frugal gardeners. They also have the P. 'Lime'.

Now, who on earth could resist a violet-smelling SG? Has anyone grown any of the above? Do they smell like violets? Are there any SGs in particular that you've noticed smelling like violets?

My smitten schnozz wants to know - thank you in advance for any feedback


Edited to say I misread Leo Martin, who is not saying that the Lime geranium smells like violets, but rather the opposite. Still! would so love to find a violet-whiffable SG.

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This is the only reference I can find to them:

Perhaps the author of this article can answer your question... violet-scented geraniums are mentioned in the article.

(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Blissful - I'll give her a honk if I ever get past toiling over our deer barricades/fences - can hardly move/think right now.

There are no pelargoniums on this website, but nevertheless this author writes about tons of flowers in a very engaging and comprehensive style - with a poem often at the beginning of each essay...and other garden-related subjects -

Thought folks might like that one (it does have geraniums)

Would you like to swap links? I'll scrounge another one up, if you'll share one you've found that you like :)

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I realize this is an old post, but if you are still around and know anyone that has scented geraniums to trade, would you please let me know? I have Citronella and would like to get more.


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