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Is it possible to use a 125 gallon tank for a Terrarium?

Janice~ Gulf Coast, MS(Zone 9a)

When we moved last June to our new house, I didn't want to deal with taking down our big fish tank and all we had in it at the time was a small turtle. so we moved him to a smaller tank. The tank is sitting on the stand empty at my moms house because I just didn't think I wanted to bother with the whole water thing. I feel like Alice in wonderland.. I was searching all over Daves and fell down this hole. The terrarium section.. lol.. I had forgotten all about terriariums. I had one years ago, The big round bowl thingy.. Never thought of making one out of anything else other than that.. So now Here I am sitting here at 3:20 am cant sleep because my mind is spinning.. Can I do this?? Can I do this with such a large tank and where would I start?? I would love to have a small frog in there too.. so not sure what would be needed for that area..

So anyway my question is .. Is it possible and does anyone have any pictures of really large tanks with full grown plants.. I am dying to see what a full tank looks like.

Thanks in advance for any and all advise..

North Augusta, ON

Yes!! it is possible!!

I can see it with small logs dripping with orchids, could even put a smaller one inside filled with water to be a lake...the possibilities are endless!!

Janice~ Gulf Coast, MS(Zone 9a)

threegardeners~ thats a great idea.. I could use a smaller tank maybe with a bottom filter so the water will stay clean. I wonder besides frogs what other small critter can be placed in a terriarium? I think I am going to give my mom a call and tell her to hold off on giving my tank away.. I might just give this a try.. oh and for the record I have never even tried to grow an orchid.. lol.. LOVE THEM just always figured they were out of my reach as far as growing and keeping them ALIVE.. lol..

Thanks for the reply..

Wanted to add, the frog or like are not important, just thought my 9 yr old would love to see them in the terriarium. Also not sure what plants would be safe for them. So I guess a critter is necessary.. oh and OMG just took a peek at the orchid forum.. beautiful but once again I think out of my reach..

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(Laura) Olympia, WA(Zone 8a)

I love the idea of such a large Terrarium with living creatures in it!

Rio Piedras,San juan, United States(Zone 11)

You can grow anything you want in a closed container sush as a fish tank.Many years ago I read about an experiment taking place in a desert in USA .Itwas really a giantic terranium and it consisted a controlled area where the climate was controlled in sush a way tht it allowed a couple of persons to live there without going out to get their food .It was really a very big terranium that even produced is own rain

Rio Piedras,San juan, United States(Zone 11)

I used to have a nice beatiful terranium at my office ,when I retired I made a donation to them. I am sure they are taking very good care ,It is the USDA APHIS PPQ office in Puerto Rico and most of the people working the are agronomists ,botanists,or something related,I used to work there as a plant inspector,my job was to prevent the incoming of dangerous pests into the USA.

(Zone 1)

I love planting terrariums and envy you with that large tank! I have some jar terrariums that have been planted for about seven or eight years and a 10 gal aquarium that I planted two years ago. Last year I put a little lizard egg in the 10 gal and it hatched and "Little Lucy Lizard" lived in the terrarium for about 6 months before being released to the backyard.

I hope you will post a few pictures after you get your tank planted up. I bet it will look spectacular! My husband has a 150 gal salt water aquarium and I keep looking at it and thinking what a great terrarium it would make! I could put all kinds of plants in something that big!

Here's a picture of my 10 gal terrarium.

Thumbnail by plantladylin
(Zone 1)

Here's a picture showing "Lucy Lizard"

Thumbnail by plantladylin
Janice~ Gulf Coast, MS(Zone 9a)

Awwww I love Lucy... :~) I have decided to give it a shot.. I called my mom and told her not to give my tank away.. still haven't told my husband.. Once again he will think I have lost my mind. lol... Im gonna sneek over to my moms and bring it home.. Just pretend it was here the whole time.. :-) Problem is where to put it.. I think i have a great spot but wont be able to use the stand with it so just the tank.. It would have plenty of natural light.. and I think would look great once its placed and plants start to grow. **fingers crossed**

Oh and I just bought a cute little jar this past weekend even came with a perfect little lid that sits right on top.. I wanna plant a small plant in it.. Every piece of glass I look at now I keep thinking what can I do with this?? lol....

Thanks everyone for the replies.

(Zone 1)

Have fun! I look forward to seeing photo's of your creations once they are all planted!

Littleton, CO(Zone 5a)

Hey, I just landed in your rabbit hole too, the very same way! Our 8 year old Oscar died a few months ago and we've been waffling on what to do with our 44gal tank. If I did convert it to a terrarium/habitat would I need to clean the old fish debris from the gravel bottom? I used to use the stuff we cleaned out on all my garden plants, so I thought maybe it would be just fine to leave in the bottom and just add a little soil?

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I would clean it myself. Terrariums can get algae, moss, etc even after a good cleaning. Not that algae or moss will hurt anything other than our senses that it doesn't look appealing.

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