Herbs for Historic House

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

I became involved with the oldest frame house in the mountains of NC several years ago. It was hard going because we didn't even have an organization, much less incorporated and tax exempt. After many starts and stops (mostly to raise more funds) we are open and ready to do some plantings. Back in those days (1812-1865), no one planted around the foundation in order to keep vermin from hiding in shrubs near the house. In fact, they allowed the ground around the house to become hard-packed and "swept" the yard. But since then lawns became popular and we are allowing the grass to remain and to plant some small perennials and herbs along one side of the house. (A picture from about 1870 shows some things growing there). I need donations of herbs, preferably divisions as we do not have anyone who can watch seeds/seedlings on a daily basis. Nor do we have running water; I have to haul it. Most any herbs will do as long as they have been around a LONG time. I may have some trades of Bath's Pink and some columbine seeds from the house. But remember, we are just beginning the plantings and have very little to trade this year.

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

Sorry folks, I didn't mean to post the same message twice here, but I was trying to get the word out on needing herbs for an historic house, lol, I overdid it.!!!!

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