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1,001 Gardening Secrets

Paris, IL(Zone 6a)

I recently received an advertisement for a book titled "1,001 Gardening Secrets" and am wondering if it is worth the $28 cost. I am offered a 21 day grace period to preview the book. I think that's rooted in the idea that 23 days after receiving it I'll realize I don't need it and by then it's too late; I have to buy it since it wasn't returned in a timely manner.

I'm figuring it's a compilation of old wive's remedies for the garden that more often than not work or at least cause no harm. Twenty years ago I bought a "Home Remedies" book filled with useful info regarding health products found or can be made from supplies around the home. I'm picturing the author thought it a good idea to keep the compilation on the library shelf next to one's Bible. Each book contains information necessary for my day-to-day living. I remember much more of the Bible than I do the home remedies. Then again, I wasn't sent to Sunday School or Vacation School in the summer so I could study home remedies. I don't even know where the book is. Unfortunately, it could be next to my Bible without my knowing it.

I imagine most of the secrets won't be germane to gardening where I live. Knowing how to get rid of fire ants doesn't interest me much. We don't have any here.


Water Valley, MS(Zone 7a)

Just trying to make the decision easier. I haven't read the book, but it's better than $28.00.*listing*buyused

West Chester, PA(Zone 6b)

I just received the same offer in the mail. Did you ever get the book? I was wondering if it was worth it.....
I figured I would check the books on Dave's Garden.....when in doubt....check with DG. It is not on their list as I am sure you know....I assume you checked too.
So then i thought I would try under books...etc....And found this.....
I am always interested in natural things for the garden...I do not use chemicals at all in mine.
So anyway if you could help me with any information about the book I would sure appreciate it.

Paris, IL(Zone 6a)

I didn't buy the book. I didn't even have a copy sent for me to look over for thirty days. I have since heard some of the secrets revealed don't work [the grits and fire ants thing] but I can't help thinking out of 1,001 secrets there are many that do work and are applicable to my garden. If the book was cheaper I probably would have bought it if only for the reading enjoyment value of learning what others have tried.


West Chester, PA(Zone 6b)

Thank you for getting back to me about the book. I was a little leary about getting it myself. Does have me a little curious......If I do decide to get it, I will let you know how it was.
Thanks again, and have a great day

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