seeds, pH and chick grit? workable?

Galien, MI

I am trying to start a few rhodo and azalea seeds. I thought everything was sterilized just fine, but I started getting some fuzz in the cups. They are in a peat perlite mix, little plastic cups with loose fitting plastic wrap on top. I read that chick grit was great for top fuzz when starting seeds, and had some parakeet grit, which looks about the same, so tried that. Now, I'm reading that this type of grit can be used to raise the pH, and azaleas like low pH. It has been over a week since planting - 2 days since grit, and still nothing is coming up. Do you think I need a mild vinegar wash, remove the grit, or should I just leave them alone for a while longer? Thanks!

Caldwell, NJ(Zone 6a)

Many rhododendron and Azalea seeds take 3-4 weeks to germinate. By all means keep an acid PH ( about 5) for the seedling mix. Often tey germinate best on pure sphagnom Moss

Galien, MI

Hi Arfitz, maybe I should have asked you directly. Some of these are yours! lol

I guess I got used to seeing some other seeds germinating quickly. I'll be more patient.

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