Dracaena Corn Plant question

Agawam, MA

I have a Ti Tree (Corn plant growing out of the top of thick stalks). The plants on one of the stalks were not doing well, so I cut them off, thinking that new growth would start again, but it's now been a couple of months with nothing happening. Should I cut the top of the stalk off to promote new growth, or just keep waiting, or is it too late to do anything? Thanks & happy to post living very close to NYC.

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Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

I don't think they get new growth once they are cut off. I could never get mine to. I read they need to layered and after the roots grow you cut them off and plant.

Petaluma, CA

Be patient... once I was emptying a pot and found a little sprout on one thought long dead!

Sykesville, MD(Zone 7b)

Mine got real sick and I cut it back the first year. Set it outside for the summer figuring it was probably gone, *but I know better than to give up too early....* I was SO thrilled to see it fill out bigger and better than before.I've had it 3 years ... DON't give up.

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