AAA and How I saved $100 on my glasses

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Please note that I am not selling anything nor am I in any way affiliated with any of the products mentioned. Just wanted to pass on what I thought was a good value.

A few years ago I joined AAA (the auto club). I'm not sure if the price differs based on where you live, but I pay $40/yr which seems quite reasonable. One year I called them at 9:00PM on Friday night when I locked my keys in the car and again a few months later to jump start my battery when I left the lights on. I also called them 3 times that year to tow my car due to a combination of break downs and accidents, all at no additional cost. Just one towing would have exceeded the cost of my membership (I know this because I paid for the same trip a year or so earlier), so I figure the membership was a good deal - and that's not to mention the peace of mind I get from knowing that I can call them any time day or night and they will send someone.

Last year a few weeks after I bought my eye glasses, I learned (while viewing the AAA website) that AAA members get a 30% discount on glasses at Lens Crafters, Sears, and Perle Vision (in my area, at least. not sure if these things differ in other areas). I had bought my glasses at Perle, so I went back and asked about the discount. They gave me just over $100 back from my purchase. That's more than 2.5x the cost of my AAA membership, so I figure my AAA membership is a very good deal even if I never need it. There are a number of other discounts available for AAA members. If interested, you can check them out on the AAA website.

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