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First Time WS#8: Still sowing? Growing?

Eunice, MO(Zone 5b)

I am doing most of my spring sowing this same way in jugs. They sprout faster than direct sowing in their mini green house and it is easier to keep them watered properly. They will be nice and strong plants when they go out in the cold cruel world in the garden.

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

Exactly, Kathy. Now, I was afraid doing tomatoes like that and some of my seeds were pretty rare, so I did cover those. Now watch those not do anything.

next year, I'll also cut my jugs and poke holes as I save them instead of when I need them.

Eunice, MO(Zone 5b)

I hear ya, I am definitely going to be more ready next year. This is the easiest way to get started for the next growing season! It relieved the pressure of making room to start seed and then trying to take care of them and lose them to damping off or getting leggy. This is too cool. I used to try to use milk jugs over my tomato plants in the garden in early spring to protect them from the cold. I should have realized then that the best thing to do would be plant the darn seed in the jug in the first place LOL!

Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

Way to go. One thing I like about w/s is that you can customize it to your own needs - whatever works for you! I'm taking my coffee out to the patio now and seeing how my containers look. I haven't been out there since last weekend.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


Where ever Lorraine is, I have her to thank!

Newbie Seed Lorraine??
I thin i read somewhere she has some health issues, so someone else was taking over the Newbie Seeds thing.

Lorraine has been quite ill. I think she is progressing, but it is good if eveyone keeps her in their thoughts!

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

Ive not heard updates lately about Lorraine, but I hope she'll be back soon. I think its been almost 2 months, hasnt it? In the Mixed Seed Nuts thread, Lorraine was the first to mention WS to me, so its all her fault that my back porch and sidewalk look like a milk jug jungle, lol.

I wanted to brag....Friday I transplanted 10 pots of Tarragon from one 2ltr bottle!!! I made a hefty one for me and could have made the others smaller and possibly made 20 pots, but since I planned to give these away to family/friends I didnt scrimp. I did the HOS method ;)

Friday and Saturday were gorgeous days. my front porch and the two flower beds next to the house are cleaned out. Spring was its rain till Wednesday then colder nights again. I wish she'd make up her mind. ;)

Hi, Phyl,

I'm glad to hear that your "tarragon" was so successful! As you are planning to give these away to so many, I fear that you are thinking that they are "culinary" tarragon ; i.e. the tarragon used in cooking.
I hope not!

Culinary tarragon (also known as "French tarragon" almost never sets seeds and is, therefore almost never grown from seed. On the other hand, "Russian tarragon", a cousin, and just as deceptive as a Cold War sleeper agent, looks a lot like French tarragon, even smells a lot like it, but has (relatively) almost no flavour, BUT can be and routinely is grown from seed.

Hope I'm not raining (too hard) on your parade here! If so, I'll be happy to try to send you a few rooted cuttings of French tarragon later in the year!


Corrales, NM(Zone 7a)

Here are a few seedling pics:

This one is the lonely single sprout I have had from my lupines that I got from Jonna. Sure is pretty isn't it? The sunlight just catches it so nice.

Thumbnail by LissaD
Corrales, NM(Zone 7a)

This one is of two little Malva Moschata seedlings.

Thumbnail by LissaD
Corrales, NM(Zone 7a)

I posted this one on the "Show us your Jugs" thread. :)

I call it "Sunbathing". I think Jim also had the Fried Egg Plants growing. These are mine in the big water container.

Thumbnail by LissaD

I did! I do! Have "Poached Egg Plants" growing. Last week, I transplanted 11 of them to individual pots. There are still a few in the jug. Mine came up a bit more sparsely than yours, and I am of an age where it is hard to radically alter habits all at once, so I am still "transplanting" before "setting out". Hey, well you guys got me this far, anyway! No, but it's cool, because each of my transplants are showing really strong growth and I'll be able to put them exactly where I want them, with confidence!

Long Island, NY(Zone 6b)

So does that mean you are sold on wintersowing?

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

Jim, doggonit...I knew that. but I wasn't paying attention! well, i hope my friends appreciate their ornamental Tarragon ;)
haha maybe they wont notice

Brownstown, IN(Zone 5b)

Some of my jugs I have just about given up on but this morning I found some 'White Swan' echinacea sprouting. Yaayyy.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I think all but maybe one variety of Echinacea has germinated.

i still have A LOT of things that have not. but we will have a nice warm up later in teh week, like everyone else in the mid-west region.

Spokane, WA(Zone 5b)

We've had a few days of really nice temps...into the 70's. Not bad considering it was snowing on 4/14! The warm weather is just what many of my seeds have been waiting for. I've got lots of little sprouts. :) I'm not really organized enough to list them but I can tell you a couple that I'm especially excited about~

Goji berry - Lycium chinense
Alpine strawberry- Fragaria vesca
Hops- Humulus lupulus
Honeywort- Cerinthe major

These are all things I'm sowing for the first time. Plus, I found some old Malus sargentii - Flowering Crabapple seeds that I could never get to germinate before. I looked into the jug yesterday and yep, I've got two little sprouts! Wouldn't that be something if I can actually get a tree out of the deal :)

I still have things I've sown in the house that have to be hardened off...I got a late start on this whole WS idea. But I'm so glad that I'm not having to fuss with 50 different seedling groups in the house this year!

I like it!

New Braunfels, TX(Zone 8b)

I've been real pleased with the germination of my echinacea: White Swan, Merlot, Green Envy and Twilight (we'll see if the last two come true from seed). It is tough seeing how slow they grow, but I know from having done some regular old echinacea purpurea last year that they will have a big growth spurt sometime by mid summer. At least I still have the ones from last year which I bet will bloom sooner than these since they are good sized plants already.

Hmm, Goji berry. Do you hope to get a harvest of those PMcP? I haven't read up on them at all, but they sure have a great rep right now for being a very healthful food. Hope they do very well for you.

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

I have some Bronze Fennel up!!! Wish my Swamp Milkweed woud have something in there.....

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Veronica, don't give up on any containers yet! I've had stragglers germinate in June, so don't lose hope.

nanny, I've wintersown 6 or 7 different butterfly weeds, and only one has sprouted. Swamp Milkweed is one of those I've sown, and its one of those that hasn't sprouted. I believe its typical for them to wait till its consistently warm.

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

That is sure what I am hoping!!

Corrales, NM(Zone 7a)

OK.... panic is beginning to set in just a tiny bit.

Here I have all these beautiful plants growing and they all look so healthy. What happens when I plant them out?

I took the plunge and cut out about 1/3 of a container of poppies. They were only about an inch tall but the roots could be seen in touching the bottom of the container. It was one of those clear plastic ones. I took the hunks and I dug up a good little section of soil. Made a hole and plopped them in. Today of course they are looking a little bit shrivelled and sad! I am trying to keep them moist so they can get established. But they get quite a bit of sun. I did plant them early in the evening after they were out of direct sun so they had overnight to recover..... am I doing this right?

I only did a third of the container so that if they all die I can try again. LOL. I like them better in their little containers.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

How do you know when they are ready to move out? :( I am having doubts now too.

I have some grouped for planting this weekend cuz they are growing out of the baggies ......roots are coming out of the bottom holes! :O

New Haven, CT(Zone 6b)

Hi everyone! I've not been online for a few weeks as I just adopted my rescued dog and have spent tons of time getting her settled in! She's a sweetie--although I caught her digging in the garden--uh-oh!

I have lots of sprouts and maybe I'll list them later because my unhappy old cat finally got to sit on my lap and I dare not move ;-) but I wanted to tell you my experience from last year with transplanting some WS sprouts.

Most seedings I put right in the ground and they did great!! I was planting them in April (our last frost date is May 15) and my co-workers were appalled (?spelling) but they did really well. But some of the perennials seemed less happy and I did what you did Lissa--I took some from my container and put them in the ground and waited to see what happened. I read somewhere that there is this term--potting out maybe--where the seedlings are put in a larger pot and then stuck in the ground near the house where it's shady. Actually it's called plunge potting. And it lets the plant get strong and mature to be planted in the ground in the fall or next spring. Or that was my take on it anyway! It did seem to work with a few things and I decided to try it again this year with a few plants that I REALLY want to do well to give them more of a chance with the slugs in particular.

Anyone else try this??

New Haven, CT(Zone 6b)

I plant out when the sprouts have several 'true' leaves. Then I put something over them for a week or so that provides a little shade. I planted the wallflowers, alyssum, calendula, and flax this weekend and I put a tray over some of them--one with holes in it--and even stuck some little shells around some of them cos I ran out of trays. LOL the yard does look interesting!

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

thats my reservation about planting all my goodies...that they'll be planted in places all over the yeard and i'll have to run around covering them up. uncovering them. Although if they've been outside so far, they are supposed to already be hardened. no? yes? for the cool weather, I think mine are ok because I have been leaving the top off of many of mine, but I will be very surprised if we dont have a couple more freezes. or snow

I intended to plant this afternoon but I had the pleasure of a satellite tv guy who was obviously on the clock.. He was here from 12:45 till 5:00pm.! at 3:30 I said, do you think you'll be done by 4:30 because I have to leave and he assured me, OH Yes........not. I finally left him fininishing up some of the outside work. so I hope to get outside tomorrow. and by the weekend its supposed to be 86!

several of my herbs (in freezer packs) are sign of tomatoes and peppers.

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

If you've cut the tops of your containers, the seedlings should be hardened off and shouldn't need covering once planted (hardier things that would be planted now). For me, wintersowing is all about simplifying the whole process- they get planted and watered and are pretty much on their own after that. Wintersown plants seem more resilient to me.

Today I'm planting the first of my wintersown babies! Calendula, Feverfew, Lunaria, and Lupines are ready for homes, and its supposed to be in the 70's here today..doing the happy dance!

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

I planted a few of my Larkspur and something ate them!! So I will let them get a little bigger before I put any more out.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I havent cut off any lids yet... but i do have a few that are "open" by taking off the twisty tie and flippin the lid back.

I should probably get the poppies planted today... by Peopny Poppies are a "chia" with no room to grow. They are only in a Half & Half container... so they are really smooshed in there.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

OH nanny -- dont ya just HATE that!!

that has happened to me before too... dont know if it was the rabbits or squirrels.

my first year with MG's [in `07] I planted out over 75 lil MG seedlings... they ate all but about 7.
forget about the Sunflowers.... they never last either... and with all the food i toss out there for the lil buggers, they have to eat my plants too.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

I opened them and cut off tops as the sprouts began to show.

How do I know when the 'real' leaves are showing.....yall I am a beginner but went full fledged into the winter is so easy so far. I will try and post pictures of the ones I think are ready and the ones I think need more time in their baggie/container homes.

It is fun and I do think they are getting stronger.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

OH -- i forgot to mention... i think my Purple Millet keeled over, but the Rose Mallow -- I've got about 5 that are nice and strong. We did have a bit of real cold weather where i lost a few when they were tiny seedlings... but i think a good 5 survived. I'm real excited about these... as they are really pretty, and i'd never heard of them before. Lavatera trimestris "Silver Cup"

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

Thank goodness I have a whole jug full!! LOL

Gee and I have 4 kinds of Sunflowers here I plan on trying. All the ones the chipmunks plant from the birdseed sprout......

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Heather, the first 2 leaves are the seed leaves, or cotyledons (that is, 2 for dicotyledons, whereas monocotyledons have 1), and the leaves produced after that are the true leaves.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Okay so if they have more than 4 leaves.....I can conclude they have 'true' leaves?

Thanks for answering.....I am trying to learn the whys of stuff too. :P

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

That's exactly right :-) Gardening is as good an exercise for the brain as the body, you never stop learning new things.

Corrales, NM(Zone 7a)

UGH, I am sitting here on the couch while my husband is playing outside. We are getting compost and gravel today for our projects. And here I sit. I threw out my back yesterday morning. I have been to the chiropractor twice in 12 hours, and now I must rest...............

so frustrating. I am not sick, I am not tired, I just can't put any weight on my hips. I guess this is one way to get me to slow down a bit.

Joy of joys though, some of the irises that I rescued last fall are putting up flower stalks and I got 5 daylillies from Wandasflowers when she was giving away daylillies to newbies last fall and one of them is going to flower as well. My first daylilly!

Buckley, WA(Zone 7b)

Here are some of my new babies. This pix was taken yesterday. It froze last night, so I am afraid to go outside and look at them.

Thumbnail by LynnPhillips

I hope they survived, Lynn! Those look great!

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

Lissa, the good thing about gravel and compost is that it will still be there in a few days. You need to take care of YOU.

Lynn, hurry....go look......we're in suspense. I bet/hope they are OK.

I sowed Anise Hyssop, Lemon, Genovese, Cinnamon and Sweet Basils today. 1 more. ??? and my peppers that I sowed last week have teeny sprouts opening up! my hungarian wax peppers!!!! yeah! the one and only pot that i used a plastic coffee can and spread saran wrap across the top, then held it in place with a rubber band worked!
maybe my tomatoes will be right behind that. I rearranged my pots and freezer bags. more pictures when the sun moves to the other side of the house.

and cleaned out two more flower beds. I thought it was getting awfully hot out. when I quit, it was 84 degrees!!! can you say, Farmers Tan?

AND.......the guy finally came with the tractor to plow the garden today!!!

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