Help me ID this houseplant!

Cordova, AK

Got this from a woman at church- currently in a pot with some wandering jew- please help me ID it so I can take better care of it! It's gotten all leggy and it seems to "travel" quite a bit- the stems go crazy! The only things I do know about this plant: You can grow it from trimmings- by either placing in water or sticking straight into the soil. Thanks!

Thumbnail by Alexis143
Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I was hoping someone who knows would come along and answer you. I've seen that plant before but just can't come up with the name :-{ I looks like a succulent of some sort. My response will bump it back to the top so, hopefully, someone who knows what it is will see it the second time around. Sorry I can't help.

Swansea, MA(Zone 6b)

Perhaps some kind of Kalanchoe.

Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

I can't help either. I had that plant many years ago. My DMIL gave it to me but I can not remember the name.

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

I was hoping somebody would ID this... My guess was a type of swedish ivy 'Plectranthus' or a type of peperomia.

North Augusta, ON

I'm leaning toward kalanchoe too.

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

It does look like Kalanchoe blossfeldiana....but like one that's on steroids! lol!

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I believe y'all are right--it does look like kalanchoe. I thought it sort of resembled swedish ivy at first glance too, XMelissaX, but the succulent look of the leaves makes me lean more toward kalanchoe.

Zanesville, OH

I have a plant that looks a lot like this one. I know it as brophyllum pinnatum. I have seen it listed as kalanchoe pinnata as well. I sprouts baby plantlets all around the edges of the leaf in the "scalloped" areas.

Sterling, NY

i have this plant and mine blooms all the time with a stem of about 3 inchs with a cluster of pinkish-red little flowers. and about 3 weeks ago i seen it for sale in a store, i will look for it next time and read its name.

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