How about recycling plastic bottle caps? Yes!

Greenwich, NY

Link to Aveda, who is handling the recycling of the caps:

A lot of garden club people nationwide, and church people are participating in this effort, and I thought it might be good to let others know about it. I know I get sick of seeing those plastic bottle caps along the roads, and I thought you might start saving them in a container next to the kitchen sink or something. Some plastic bottle caps cannot be recycled, but this link to the company doing the recycling explains all that.

Thank you all for considering.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Thanks. Glad to know some company is doing something good...

The plastic bottles that go in the recycle bins in my county are supposed to have the caps (and rings) removed. Almost no one does, though. When I lived in Asheville, we had curbside recycle pick-up and if the bottles still had lids and/or rings, they wouldn't take them because they couldn't sell them to recyclers with them still on.

Greenwich, NY

Darius, Thank you for responding. It would be nice if those well paid legislators of ours (of both hues/yeah right) would require all packaging to be returned to the company that used it for recycling. Now that would cut down on packaging! No more big boxes with a teaspoon of cereal inside. And no more number 5 plastic! Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

I watched an episode of Dirty Jobs on TV the other day and the host visited a recycling facility where it was their job to stand by a conveyor belt and separate the different materials. They didn't really address the topic of dealing with stuff that can't be recycled, such as bottle caps, but I was amazed and encouraged to hear that S.F. recycles something crazy like 63% of its garbage.

Of course, the downside was that the recycling center was extremely expensive which means that other cities probably won't ramp up their recycling efforts any time soon. It did make me realize that I could personally do a better job of sorting my own trash and recyclables though. And I guess that's where change is supposed to start, right?

Greenwich, NY

I live in Washington County in upstate NY, and it is pretty here, but also somewhat poverty stricken, and rather backward, but all NYS counties have recycling programs, and I think the participation is very high now that all garbage costs but the county recycles at no charge to consumers. Many people finally stopped burning their garbage although a few still do so, albeit illegally. I think the entire country could adopt a recycling effort such as this, and jobs would be created locally for folks that are minimally educated. It's all good, as they say.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Sunnyvale does the same with the conveyor belt and the refuse separators. Anything that can be recycled goes in the recycling bins, any thing that can be composted goes to composting. The landfills are almost full, so sorting the garbage is actually cheaper than trying to locate or create new landfill.

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