How do you work this compost bin thingie?

Springboro, OH

LOL! DH is in the mood to build a project and I'm in the mood to finally get that compost bin going that I've dreamed about. I like the idea of this one as it says you just add to it as you get the materials. I don't have a huge about of yard waste so I'm thinking this would be a good system for me. The thing is how do you get the compost out when done if you are adding to it all the time, just dig it out from the bottom? Sorry if this is such a newbie gardener question. Here is the plan for the one I'm thinking of having him build.

Reno, NV

That looks like a nice plan. I'd pull the compost out of one of those hinged sides. If any thing is still too big or needs to decompose more, toss it back in the top.
=) Welcome to composting

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I think you'll be supprised how much organic matterial you end up not throwing out. Our trash can is half as full as it used to be on trash day.

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Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)

I just used a couple of old pallets with t-post driven down through them into the ground to hold them up and strung wire fencing up each side attached to more t-posts. It works just fine and has an open end so you can add more or remove what's already finished.


Springboro, OH

Ok, DH saw the plans and decided that might be too much of a challenge, hehe.
I think we will go with a much simpler plan using two bins with gates on the front that can be opened up.
Thanks for responding guys!

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Try this link about compost bins. The Biostack has three levels, so you can take the top layers off and use the compost from the bottom layer.

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