I AM CONFUSED, no shouting there ~just confused. I added a new Iris in my Iris listings but there are still only three showing. Granted I do not know how this really works( !) that well and I guess at a lot to get things entered and in there, but this IS odd, I thought, I did it right; but it is not coming up and:
2nd~ is how do I simply get a ZERO number of plants that are listed in the Journal for a specific plant, to a 1 type not 0. This is something I figured out by LUCK lol one time and did a bunch and now forgot what I did. I am uised to my paper note book to much, hgh.
many thanks~!!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you maybe give a little more info on the exact steps you took to add the iris that didn't show up? It's really hard to say what went wrong without knowing step by step what you did. I'm also confused about what you mean about getting a 0 vs a 1...if you're talking about the numbers that show up next to each category that you have those numbers refer to how many plants you have in a particular category. If you add a plant to that category, it'll say 1 (or however many plants you have in that category). If you have a category that doesn't have any plants in it then it will say 0.

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