Do you think azaleas would do well in this spot?

Springboro, OH

The area only gets a couple (2-3 at most) hours of sun in the morning. The area is down a slight slope, so I think the soil stays moist there, but not muddy. I tested my soil. pH is slightly acidic. I need to get the phosphorous and nitrogen up. Also the fence runs east to west and I'll be planting on the north side of it. I think I'll post this in the shady gardens forum as well. I was thinking hydrangeas too, or peonies, but I'm not sure that will be enough sun for peonies. I love azaleas and was thinking of something along the northern lights line. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?

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Caldwell, NJ(Zone 6a)

Northern Lights Azaleas usually need more than 2-3 hours of Sun to bloom well. I would try Rhododendrons such as some of the yakusimanum hybrids

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Check this out JeniLyn:

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