SOLVED: NOT a Graptopetalum!

Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

I got this recently on a trading stall for 20c. Does anyone have any ideas? I am 99% sure it is NOT a Graptopetalum, even though that is what was on the label. It sort of reminds me of Echeveria 'Dondo' but the stem is wrong. I suppose it could be a X Sedeveria, but I think it's probably an Echeveria of some sort. All suggestions would be appreciated!

Ciao, KK.

SOLVED: ×Graptoveria 'Titubans'

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Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Well, I think it's a tad young to say what it is yet...

Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

It was worth a shot! Thing is, it reminds me of something, but I just can't dredge up the memory. The leaves are like E. derenbergii, with that rounded end and the deep keel underneath, but the overall look of the plant is too big and lax for that species. It's bugging me. Anyhow, here's a side shot to go with the other photo. The pot rim is about three inches across.


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Tucson, AZ

How do you know its not a ghost plant?

Fountain, FL(Zone 8a)

Reminds me of hen and chicks...don't know the proper name.

Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

We were all half right! Turns out the plant had more growing to do than I thought! It is actually ×Graptoveria 'Titubans' and the rosette is now more than 3 times the size it was when I got it. Looking back, I think I was mislead by the fact that the plant had been overshaded before it came to me. Sorry this isn't a better photo, but it's the only one I have at the moment that shows just how big it has become.

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