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My passiflora...need identity pls.

Cleveland, TX

Okay, so I am soooo desperate for a passi that I bought this one not having a clue what I have. However KNOWing that one of you here will. lol

Thanking you all in advance,


Thumbnail by LaJeanne
Cleveland, TX

Here is another pic

Thumbnail by LaJeanne
Gulfport, FL(Zone 9b)

Passiflora serrato digitata.

Digitata - meaning like the hand. The leaves resemble fingers on a hand.

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Looks a caerulea in the first pic.

Gulfport, FL(Zone 9b)

Could be that also. No flowers?

Cleveland, TX

My plant has not yet opened. Though I do have many buds. I have noticed that the new growth is purple, if that helps. I will post a blooms as soon as it opens. Thank you gordo and Mark for your help. I will keep posting as required.

San Diego, CA

It does look like something related to Caerulea. I just look at my Serrato-Digitata and it has all 7 lobed leaves.

Gulfport, FL(Zone 9b)

Yeah...and I think they're more rounded at the tips.

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