Rosary Vine/String of Hearts Ceropegia woodii

Fairchild Air Force , WA(Zone 7a)

I just got a piece of this that looks like it could be divided into 7 cuttings.

But I don't know where to cut.

Can they/it be rooted in water?

I'll take as much advice as people want to offer about the rooting & care of this plant.

Thanks in advance!

Hi LibbyLiz,just looked it up in my book Ceropegia,Rosary vine(C.woodii)hearts-on-a-,string ,string of hearts.

Propagation: At any time during the active growth period,propagate by means of the tuberous growths produced along the stems. After removing a stem tuber,set it in a small pot of the recommended potting mixture over which a 1/2inch layer of course sand or perlite has been sprinkled.Place the tuber just on top of this will prevent rot.(Stem cuttings 2-3 inches long may be used instead: they shoud be planted in the same mixture,but some extra sand should be trickled down the hole made for the cutting as insurance against rotting.)The potted tuber(or cutting)should then be stood in med.light and watered very sparingly-allow 2/3 of the potting mixture to dry out between applications-until feeding roots are established and growing well,move it graduall into a position where it will get direct sunlight. It can then be treated as a mature ceropegia.

Potting/repotting: Use an equal-parts of soil-based potting mixture and coarse sand or perlite.

Light"3-4hours of direct sunlight every day. Too little light impairs leaf color and extends the gaps between the pairs of leaves.

Temp: Normal room temperatures are suitable for ceropegias through the year.

Water:Sparingly during active growth.Winter rest period just enough water to prevent potting mixture from drying out completely.

Feeding:During the active growth period give standard liquid fertilizer once a monthbut only to fully mature,healthy plants.

Hope this helps and what a georgous plant,good luck,let us know'' See ya,Sis'

Fairchild Air Force , WA(Zone 7a)

Thank you so much for the information.

I don't know what the tubers are, I guess I don't have any of them. I did have a long stem, which I cut at the branches/junctions to make about 6 different sections. Some of them looked like they had very tiny aerial root buds. I dipped the cuttings in anti-fungal rooting hormone & planted them in an all-purpose houseplant potting mix until I can get to the store to buy some sand for making my own cacti/succulent mix.

I do think it is a very pretty plant. I sure hope this works. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

God bless!

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)

Hi LibbyLiz,

I grow these at home. The tubers look like little balls on the 'strings' or stems, usually white or beige. This is what these are propagated from. I would't have cut the cuttings up into so many pieces, but oh well.

Now that you potted them up, try to leave the top of the stem tips sticking up out of the mix, as it makes them less likely to rot (was told this recently by an excellent grower from these forums).

Also, if it's not to late add perlite rather than sand, which can be a problem. If you do use sand it needs to be (1) course sand, if too fine can be a problem & (2) not beach sand, too salty (or at least wash it off).

If & when these ever bloom for you they have a small, wacky looking purple flower. (Mine haven't yet.) Hope it helps & good luck. Enjoy

Fairchild Air Force , WA(Zone 7a)

I got this long piece in a trade & the person didn't give me any instructions for rooting other than to just stick it in soil. I also didn't get any of the noted tubers with the piece. Maybe the trader didn't know to send a cutting with such attached.

P_G, When I planted them, I stripped the leaves from the bottom part of the stem (about 2" worth) and after doing as noted in above, the tops of the stems with leaves are sticking out of the mix (anywhere from 3" to 6 "). This is what you mean by "leave the top of the stem tips sticking up out of the mix"?

I sure hope the pieces root. I've wanted one of these plants for quite a while now. They're so pretty and I love their name!

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