Springboro, OH

Anyone know where I can find one? Amazon is sold out as well as S&H. Thanks.

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

I'm sorry, JeniLynn, I just don't know where else to go. Maybe someone else does. I can't believe that S & H is sold out. I've never seen that before (Amazon has been sold out forever.) S & H are such a big company--they must be planning to offer the Biostacks again. Must be a sign that more peeps are composting than ever before.

McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

I couldn't even pull up Biostack on their website. There are four Smith & Hawkins locations in Ohio - you might be able to call one near you, and see if they have one in the store. I don't know where Springboro is, but their Ohio locations are Cincinnati, Cleveland (2), and Columbus.

Springboro, OH

I'm about 30 mins north of Cinci. I think I will try that. Thanks Pennefeather.

Springboro, OH

Hey guys, I sent S&H an e-mail yesterday and they got back with me this morning. They are going to be getting them back in stock sometime this month!

McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

That's great.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

JeniLyn: I bought both of my biostacks at the Cincinnati S&H store at Rookwood. They seem to sell out pretty fast . I had them special order them for me. You might try to do that. You might have to be persistent, but they can do it then will call you when it arrives. No additional charge to special order.


Springboro, OH

Thanks for the info Karen! I will definitely check that out!

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