Gas smell in carpet.

Asheville, NC(Zone 7a)

Gas smell in carpet. I spelt some gas in my car trunk on the carpet. How do I get rid of the smell I tried coffee grounds and bakeing soda and Tuff Stuff carpet cleaner and water hosed the mat and some other spot cleaner.

Asheville, NC(Zone 7a)

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Missouri City, TX

Might try Resolve. I have done that to some carpeted floor mats. Used some Dawn dishwashing liquid and scrubbed in, then thouroughly hosed and allowed to dry outside for several days. Actually, washed and used a water vac to remove as much as possible several times before the Dawn treatment. So the combination and lots of air time removed the smell.

Asheville, NC(Zone 7a)


Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

All so if you use a concentrated dish soap and a carpet cleaner it may help since the soap breaks down oil molecules on dishes, it may on the carpet. There is some stuff that is supposed to clean up anything in carpet that I looked up as a search when I poured finger nail polish on the floor and what ever it was, was sold at HD.

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