My dying Fuzzy Wuzzy :-( Please help me...

Philadelphia, PA

My cat ate all the fuzzies off of my Chenille (Acalypha Pendula) potted house plant. (FYI: MY FAVORITEEEE PLANT!!!) The leaves are still in tact and thriving well.. and I want to know if there is ANY WAY AT ALL that I can get the Red Fuzzy "Cat Tails" to grow back. (I have also fed it Miracle Grow vitamins when I watered it).

Please help me...



Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Vikki, I would post your question in the beginner houseplants forum This forum is for questions about using the journal feature here on DG so you'll get more answers there. I suspect though that there's no way you can force the flowers to grow back, you'll just have to wait for the plant to decide it's time to make some more. There's no "magic bullet" to force things to flower unfortunately, all you can do is make sure you keep it happy (right amt of water and fertilizer but not too much, etc) and sit back and wait.

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