Is anyone using freezer bags instead of jugs?

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

I ran out of jugs and then someone said to use gallon freezer bags. It was cleaner, less prep. faster. Then I read something that said you cut the bottom out of a plastic water bottle and insert it in the bag, then seal the bag around the neck of the bottle. however it seems like it's taking up all my dirt space. ( ha kind of like my house =)

I tried using the roll found in paper towels, but they tried to 'droop' when they got wet.

Any other handy, dandy suggestions?

ps. I didn't take a picture of my 'droopy' bags ... here's one that I am proud of


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Hilliard, OH

I've used 'koolaid burst' containers for seedling pots and in my strawberry pot to get the water to the bottom. They are made out of easy to cut plastic and fairly tall, not quite as tall as a paper towel roll, tho. Take a look next time you are at the grocery.


Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

I will. Thanks =)

today I thought of using old blinds. I could cut those into small sections plus I think you can write on those also.

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

Here are my baggie babbies!

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Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

Clothespins!! I never thought of those. thanks =)

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

I cut the holes in the bottom and added a coffee filter in the bottom of the bag to keep the soil in. :)

Some as you can see have done wonderful but others are very moist and I see no signs of life.........still early I suppose but I am alittle worried.

Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

I like the 'baggie babies' name. cute.

I snipped holes too as i stapled the corners together. Most of mine are in a paper box. That seems to hold the water in too.

Today I rolled a few of the tops down because the plants are getting tall and I am afraid the plastic in the sun will scald them ( I think that's the right word). I sowed several kinds of herbs in them this week. we'll see =)

Morgantown, WV(Zone 6a)

I might try some in the cardboard boxes next year.

I liked the plastic tub with holes I had a cover for them when the temps got really low.

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Cumberland Mtns, TN(Zone 6b)

I didnt even cover mine. Someone told me (on here) to use the boxes to keep them from blowing away and also because it helps hold moisture. I used boxes, milk crates, a metal basket that had the grandkids toys in it, lol just because mine were on a sidewalk that leads up to the back porch. I tried to keep mine where they could get rain so I didnt even try to put them close to the house. but not on the grass because I knew we'd have to mow around them.

Our grass has been mowed twice already!
back to work I more goofing off ;)

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