Very very tiny black bug

Golden Valley, AZ

Hi all! Am hoping someone can help me identify the insect currently invading my kitchen. I am unable to provide a picture as this is such a small insect its almost microscopic-I can only tell its a bug because if you watch closely they crawl very slowly. No hopping or flying. They seem round and blackish and aside from appearing around windows and doors I have only found them around my kitchen sink inside the house. A good spraying and constant cleaning with bleach holds them off some but isn't stopping them from coming in. They don't appear to be attracted to food either. I thought maybe coming from drains but none are in the bathrooms and where I found them wasn't in the sink but on my kitchen counters by the sink area and on the back behind the kitchen faucet. Was thinking some sort of mite. I live in the NW AZ area and its been very dry here, slowly turning to the hot season. Any ideas what these are and best way to battle them? Thanks!

Sinks Grove, WV

If no one on this forum can provide a definitive answer (I certainly cannot), I suggest that you collect some of your 'mystery guests' and take them to your county office of the University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension service - see for contact information. Someone there should be able either to assist in identification or could forward them to the appropriate university office.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Use a piece of tape to trap them. This way, they cannot escape from a container.

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