Odd smelling compost

Jacumba, CA(Zone 8b)

My son-in-law picked up a truckload of compost today that has a very strong smell. It reminds me of the smell of pressure treated wood. It is supposed to be organic and it appears to be finished. I have gotten compost by the load at a landfill for my flowerbeds before and it just smelled like soil. This is supposed to be used in a strawberry bed and I'm afraid to use it. Any thoughts?

Kirkland, WA(Zone 7b)

I'm trying to recall what pressure treated lumber smells like...
Usually, my finished compost has a sweet earthy smell.
You could call the place that he got it from & inquire about the ingredients. I'm wondering about the addition of a different type manure that could have altered the smell?

Jacumba, CA(Zone 8b)

Thanks for your input. I'm going to look into that tomorrow. I don't think they were honest about it being organic.

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

I am assuming that you meant that there is a chemical-type smell in the compost that you just had delivered. This doesn't sound right. I agree with Katye that compost should have a sweet, earthy scent. Glad that you're going to call to inquire about what went into this batch of compost.

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