Two Green Thumbs order arrived

Wayne, NE

I had purchased a few things from First the gnome I specifically wanted was out of stock. I received an email telling me this and was asked if I would rather purchase something else or if I would like to wait for them to get more in stock, or if I would prefer to be credited the difference. This was not a computer generated email but a very personalized one. I chose to wait. I received an email that my items had been shipped. I arrived home today to find a package on the mailbox. First it was taped well. There was notes on the sides that said please remove staples first. I open the package to find the two plants I ordered MUCH larger than I anticipated as well as in very good condition. They were placed in the box with saran wrap rubber banded around the pots to hold the dirt in. Then staples were put through the box into the edge of the plastic pots to ensure that they did not roll around. This is a place that I will definitely buy from again in the future. Here is a pic. I placed a standard 20 oz water bottle beside them for comparison

Thumbnail by Little_Squirt
Seattle, WA

Thanks Little Squirt!

I hope the size is ok - all my trees and plants come in 4" pots and range from true miniature trees to faster growing dwarfs. I have all the growth rates and horticultural information within the listings in my online store.


The trees should do great in your Nebraskan climate as they are well rooted and ready for anything. That Arborvitae (the gold colored one) is my biggest tree that I carry...

I'd love to see the garden your going to make!


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(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Glad to hear that they are good to buy from. I'm tempted to buy something every time I visit their site.

They have some really cute things that non of the other miniature sites carry.

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