elder berries

Springville, UT

How do you grow elder berries in Utah. i live in zone4-5. I have the plants.( female and male) I want to know when is a good time to plant them, how to plant them and how to take care of them

Littleton, CO(Zone 5a)

Oye, that sounds like a funny question to me, they grow wild where I grew up in Oregon and we cut them down because there are so many. I would think like any tree, you could plant them now or in fall and they would be fine but you probably wouldn't get much fruit this year. As far as planting goes, treat them like any tree is my guess. You might also want to mulch them pretty well because the forests in the Pacific Northwest are very moist and mossy. Let me go do some quick research.

Littleton, CO(Zone 5a)

Yeah, I was right. Mulch the area around the plant heavily and don't let them dry out. They like a very moist environment. They can tolerate sun to part shade, but where you are, it's dry enough you might shoot for part shade to help keep them from drying out? Just a thought. Apparently they're noted for "getting out of control". That didn't surprise me. Hehe So make sure the spot you chose for the two of them will have enough room for them both to stretch out.

One more note, the the blue berries are good to eat, the red ones are poisonous, unless you cook them and remove the seeds. I seem to recall something about the females having red berries and males having blue, but I couldn't say for certain. Apparently their are tree varieties and shrub varieties. I've only ever had experience with the trees. Make sure the variety you get is hardy in your zone as some are not.

Not sure if that helps, but maybe it's a start. Good luck. Ask at the tree nursery where you buy them. They really aught to have the best information for you in your area.

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