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Sweet Broom Cytisus racemosus looks to be nearly dead

Valley Village, CA

I bought and planted this Sweet Broom on April 3rd. It was lusciously green and covered in fragrant blooms when I planted it. Now it seems to be practically dead. I live in Los Angeles and it is getting a little bit of morning sun and then a little bit of afternoon sun. maybe about 3-4 hrs in total. Is it transplant shock or should it be moved to get more sun?
thank you.

Thumbnail by miavcr
Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Looks like transplant shock to me. I'm not sure if it's still at the point where you can save it or not--when I've had plants get to the point of looking like that, they frequently don't end up making it. To give it the best chance possible, I would try rigging up some shade to protect it from direct sun for a while. And it's critical to water it properly--too much water at this point is just as bad as not enough, so I'd do the "finger test" and stick your finger down in the ground near the roots and see how wet it feels--if it's soaking wet you need to let things dry out more before you water again, but if it's really dry then you should be watering it more.

Valley Village, CA

Thank you. I hope I can save it as it is such a beautiful plant.

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