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Penneys is having a great sale on blinds - 50% off of custom made blinds and then another 15% if you use Penneys credit card. In our formal living room we have 4 windows that are 70 length by 25 next to each other - so there are 4 long windows that form one big window. I love this window as it looks out into our wind break. However, even with our pella windows, the sun really beats in there in the afternoon and I think it would help cut the heat in there in the summer by putting in blinds. I want to put in the Bali duvet blinds. My question is - do you think I should put in 4 separate blinds or one big patio type of blind? I'm not even sure if they make a patio blind that is that wide (120 inches wide). Thanks!

Hi Neighbor'I had the same problem.I tried the blinds,they just fried with the sun blasting in on them. Sooo,I did something different this year' I went to the home center and purchased the expensive(not as much as blinds or curtains though)window film and dearly love it' I got the "mirror film" no one can see inside unless they put their nose up to the window but I still have light' It cut the heat more that at least 40%,not to mention saving the ac' Then just have my mini blinds/sheers.Thinking of doing the whole house to save more on the ac' Just a thought'Sis'

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Oh Jewel, I would definitely get the separate blinds and, if available, I'd get the blinds that also draw from the top (so you can adjust light without sacrificing privacy). One big blind covering all four windows might be awkward...and I suspect you're right about that width.


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While you can get a single headrail at that width it would need to have at least one break in the slats so you will be better off with seperate blinds. If you are looking for insulation the honeycomb shades are best. They can be done in top down/bottom up so they can raise up in the normal manner or lower from the top for privacy and light. They can also be made with 2 different fabrics so that you can have total privacy or a sheer/lace effect all in one blind.

Shop around and decide what you really want and watch sale ads. 50% off and then 15% off is not really that great a savings if you shop around. Watch for a 75% off sale! They are not uncommon and are a better deal! Many times the local decorating studios that seem out of our reach are actually capable of giving you a better deal on these types of window coverings than the chain stores. If you want to compare bali blinds prices be aware that Bali is the same as Graber brand.

Do each window seperately for sure. If nothing else, go to Home Depot if you have one close by or even call. They have a decorator and she or he can give you some good advice on how to do your windows. Just talk to several people at different stores who works in the decorating departments and they probably could give you several good ideas on what you could do about your windows. Free advice is always the bestand like the saying goes.....'You got to shop around', and just talk to more than one interior decorator. They are so willing to help and give free advice. Take a picture of your windows and your living room and take those pictures with you when shopping and talking to the decorators, that way taht will give them a good view of what your windows look like and your room and can really help you better by looking at pictures.

southeast, NE

Thanks for all of your info! I did decide to go with the separate honeycomb blinds. Privacy isn't as much of an issue as keeping the heat out in the summer. (Unless I have to worry about the dog, chickens and cats peering in at us.) Penneys sent a guy out to do the measuring (doesn't work for Penneys) and he also gave me some great ideas/suggestions. I wish we had a Home Depot near us but the closest one is Omaha.

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I think you made the right choice by doing them seperate!

Post pics when they come in! Some of us ( ME!) need some inspiration :)


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Hi, I was very interested in your article since I have property in Florida [I live in New York] that I will be visiting soon and replacing the blinds by the sliding glass door. This, and the replies of others, has given me some inspiration and new insight into this project. Thanks.

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