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CLOSED: Looking for Tomato Seeds

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi Everyone,

I'm still looking for these tomato seeds:

Tomato - Alaskan Fancy
Tomato - Alpine
Tomato - Applause
Tomato - Artic Blum
Tomato - Bambino
Tomato - Beauty King
Tomato - Beauty Queen
Tomato - Beaverlodge 6806
Tomato - Beaverlodge 6808
Tomato - Big Month
Tomato - Blanche du Quebec
Tomato - Bobcat
Tomato - Bonito Ojo
Tomato - Break O'Day
Tomato - Brown's Yellow Giant
Tomato - Burpee Gloriana
Tomato - Burpee Sunnybrook Earliana
Tomato - Bush Early Girl
Tomato - Canabec Rose
Tomato - Canabec Super
Tomato - Carlton
Tomato - Cazimater
Tomato - Cheerio
Tomato - Crimson Jack
Tomato - Cuore de Toro
Tomato - Czech Select
Tomato - De Barrao II
Tomato - Dr Carolyn
Tomato - Duchess
Tomato - Early North
Tomato - Elizabeth
Tomato - Gem State
Tomato - German Lunchbox
Tomato - Glasnost
Tomato - Gold Dust Orange
Tomato - Golden Egg
Tomato - Grandpa's Cock's Plume
Tomato - High Country
Tomato - Ida Gold
Tomato - Illini Star
Tomato - Latah
Tomato - Livingston's Beauty
Tomato - Mama Leone
Tomato - Maria's
Tomato - Mary Robinson's German Bicoloured
Tomato - Medford
Tomato - Mikado Ecarlote
Tomato - Millefleur
Tomato - Mischa
Tomato - Momotaro
Tomato - Morden Yellow
Tomato - Mountain Glory (new flavour enhanced hybrid)
Tomato - New Girl
Tomato - Northern Exposure
Tomato - Orange Strawberry
Tomato - Otraolny
Tomato - Pale Perfect Purple
Tomato - Park's Early Challenge Hybrid
Tomato - Perestroika
Tomato - Piedmont
Tomato - Polar Star
Tomato - Polish Egg
Tomato - Polish Pastel
Tomato - Pollock
Tomato - Productiva
Tomato - Red Cluster Pear (not the same as red pear)
Tomato - Red Defender (new flavour enhanced hybrid)
Tomato - Redskin
Tomato - Red Tree
Tomato - Rheinhard's Goldkirsche
Tomato - Rose Quartz Multiflora
Tomato - Rousich
Tomato - Russian Bogatyr
Tomato - Samantha F1
Tomato - Samar F1
Tomato - Santa Cruz Kada
Tomato - Sara Goldstar
Tomato - Savignac (aka Dufresne)
Tomato - Scarlet Red (new flavour enhanced hybrid)
Tomato - Scarub
Tomato - Scotia
Tomato - SecuriTY 28 (new flavour enhanced hybrid)
Tomato - Slava
Tomato - Striped Turkish
Tomato - Sub Artic Early
Tomato - Sub Artic Maxi
Tomato - Sugar Baby
Tomato - Summer Cider
Tomato - Sunchief
Tomato - Sun Leaper Tomato - Sungold Select II
Tomato - Sweet Orange 2
Tomato - Truffaut Précoce
Tomato - Urbikany
Tomato - Woodle Orange
Tomato - Zaryanka Sunrise

I prefer to do multiple trades with each person to justify postage costs. Here's a link to my trade page for reference.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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's-Gravenhage, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

I have vintage wine, if you want them. Lots of others too which are not on your list, including one that's variegated and has white fruits.

If you're interested, please send d-mail!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Still looking for tomato seeds. I've added a bunch of new items to my trade list. Look forward to hearing from you.

Greenwich, OH

Hello: Heather,
I have the following seeds for trade:
Orange strawberry tomato
Bush early girl
Beauty king
Magellan coral zinnia
double click cosmos
Jmg mix
I would be interested in a few of your seeds.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi Skimper,

So sorry. I should have marked this thread closed earlier. I'm in the middle of hosting a tomato and pepper seed exchange, so I'd prefer to wait until that's wrapped up if you don't mind.

Can we reconnect after the end of October when the swap has been completed?


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