Anyone interested in a coconut coir forum?

Glendale/Parks, AZ

I would be interested in a coir forum. Here are some cantaloups, 2 in the ground and 1 in coir. I dunno, I can't decide...

Thumbnail by rtl850nomore
Lake Elsinore, CA

They all look great to me, but the one in the container looks larger? Or is it just the way the pic is?

As long as you get cantaloupes, that's great! I love melons so much, I can eat them every day for breakfast and never get tired of them.

I know one thing, I've grown melons in the ground and I've grown them in containers, I only got 1 melon each off the containers but it could have been pollination problems, I'll figure that out this season. The in ground ones made lots of melons. I wasn't using coir in my pots either and I didn't trellis them.

So much to learn, such a short life. LOL!

Glendale/Parks, AZ

The one in the container is definately larger. I usually help the pollination along if I don't see any natural pollinators around.

Ripon, WI(Zone 4a)

Devota, our last frost date is officially May 15th. I usually push the envelope a little though. On Saturday it was 73, today it snowed. Gotta love Wisconsin!

Johnson City, TN(Zone 6b)

How do we go about getting a coco coir forum? Do we ask a greater power or what? D

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

I think thats were you would start.
To me, I wouldnt know where to go. I grow everything in a self contained 'something'. Some I use all coir...some I use half and half...and some are this and that...including coir. A straight coir forum might be pretty limited.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Hi gardenglory,

I believe anything to do with coir would be acceptable, not just people growing in straight coir. I am not a purist either. There's a lot to learn about mixing, growth and what works and what doesn't. Coir can be expensive unless you can buy it locally, so if we can learn what can be mixed in with it and what can't it would be good information to have.

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

I also think that a coir forum should deal with anything having to do with coir usage; not just straight coir OR only in containers. For instance, I'd like to know more about amending garden soil with coir--when it's a good idea, and when not. I do use coir in my fermenting Bokashi buckets.

I've got steer manure/compost blend about 15 percent, potting mix about 15 percent and coco coir about 70 percent in these bags,

Pugzley, have you noticed any differences in growth of your tomatoes with the different growing mixes?

Lake Elsinore, CA


All of my tomatoes are in that mix you quoted, so I have nothing to compare it to except last year when I used straight potting mix, with a little bit of worm castings and a miracle grow knockoff for fertilizer. And I started my plants about 2 months too late last year. I had a dismal harvest, but it was still enough to keep 2 people eating fresh tomatoes for many months in spite of it all. This year I expect a bumper crop from the tomatoes. So many factors are different in that comparison, it's not a fair one.

I've haphazardly mixed in all kinds of stuff without keeping records and have lettuce, radishes, bok choy, chard, collards, squash, cucumbers, chives, bunching onions and a few other things in those containers. Everything I am doing is in containers this year. Last year I grew mostly in ground. It's all growing. :)

I am happy with what the tomatoes are doing, I've got blooms on every single plant (I have 43 plants since I pared them down some).

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Oh, I get it: you were describing the proportions of the blend you had in ALL your containers.
LOL about the "pared down" 43-plant tomato section of your garden! . . . although I'm starting not that many fewer different varieties, mostly but not all in Earth Boxes.
What made you decide to move to all-containers this year?
I'm a "recovering Californian" who knows the Lake Elsinore area--we have good friends in Temecula. Lucky you with your growing zone.

Canyon Lake, TX(Zone 8b)

I coco coir! Would hang out on a coir forum.

My maters are in 5 gal grow bags filled with straight coir. The maters get foliar spray and liquid drench fed every 3 or 4-5 days with weakened solutions of Medina Hasta Gro alternated with MG - Tomato. As of now, they get watered every day, twice on the day it hit 100 a while back. They have been sprayed three times since they were seedlings with 1 tablespoon per gal Epsom salt. They have been sprayed twice with 8.6 % liquid Calcium derived from Calcium Chloride. They are all planted at least 1/2 way down in the grow bags. Some are even planted a litter deeper than half way down.

They are blooming and setting fruit well. At this juncture it looks like there will be tomatoes this year.


edited to add - Notice the use of Jay's horizontal stobs to more or less keep the toms growing up rather than flopping over on their neighbor inside the big cages.

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Thumbnail by texasrockgarden
Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

They do look exceptionally well especially being hit with 100* heat. Whew!! Great job...

Lake Elsinore, CA

CapeCod, It is sooo hot here today, yesterday and a couple more days coming up, I'm sunburned and so are my poor little maters! It's frying out there. I'm going to have to really watch them to make sure they don't wilt. So I'm wishing for some of that MA weather to blow this direction. It's 98 in the shade right now, the weather reports are never right for my microclimate. It feels like July right now.

haha! yeah, I was very industrious about tomatoes this year. The hood here is glutted with my tomatoes, all the neighbors have them. :) If mine fail, I'll go mooch some from them. LOL! I won't tell you that I had to kill some that were blooming... almost made me cry. Way too crowded for them.

I put everything in containers because I have so many gophers and at the end of my garden last year, they rooted right up my only little row of okra and toppled it. Then right when I was getting ready to plant in ground this year, the little demon got inside my only raised bed and he's having a ball in there. So, I figured rather than trying to deal with him, I'll just work around him, he did get into one of my grow bags and ate one of my De Morges Braun lettuces, now that made me mad. He's not gotten into any other bags though. So I hope he doesn't do that anymore.

What types of tomatoes are you growing this year? I like to grow other things, but the tomatoes are the highlight of the garden for me.

Lake Elsinore, CA

I'm with you Jerry, about the watering twice a day. Looks like I'll be doing that for the next few, too.

Your tomatoes look magnificent, really nice!

(Karen) Frankston, TX(Zone 8a)

Jerry where do you get the Medina Hasta Gro that you are using with the coir? I've never heard of it, is it good stuff?

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

What types of tomatoes are you growing this year? I like to grow other things, but the tomatoes are the highlight of the garden for me.

Oh Pugsley, I so agree with you. Tomatoes are the queens of my summer garden. I'm presently growing 35 different types of tomato seedlings under lights and will put them out in my garden and in my Earth Boxes in coco coir after Memorial Day--the traditional time on Cape Cod. I will also set out some seeds in jugs for Winter sowing in the next few days. I grow mostly heirloom types, many of which seeds I acquired on a tomato seed swap last fall on DG. I've never grown tomatoes in coco coir so this will be an adventure.

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