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suggestions about my tropical ikebana design

Good day,

Im a lover of tropical flowers, and really enjoy creting design using ikebana bases, to loooks gread but I want to recieve sugenstions, comments and recomendations to my designs...

best regards

Thumbnail by artropica
london England, United Kingdom

Hello artropica, welcome! Striking arrangement, love the tropical flowers and foliage.
I do like Ikebana designs, but I don't know any of the rules or techniques.
Thank you for sharing your arrangement, I would love to see more and maybe try this Ikebana!

Terriculture, thanks a lot for your comments, it's special when you mix tropical flowers with the millenarium art of ikebana, about rules I really dont know, but is a easy way to dont expert persons to create a great arrangement. I have a lot of models also I have tropical flowers farms and export bouquets how include the ikebana base. I hope everyone enjoy creating his own designs. the picture can show you about what I say.

nice day!

Thumbnail by artropica

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