Question about old-fashioned Swedish Ivy...

Craryville, NY

Hi y'all: I have a huge Swedish Ivy from the trash bin at the stupidmarket....can you tell me why it is putting out its new growth as these tiny, misshapen little leaves at the leaf axils? Is it root problems?? Thanks!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you post a picture?

Yes, I agree with ecrane... pic please? Someone's trash is a treasure to other's.


(Zone 1)

I agree, a photo would help. Small, misshapen leaves could be caused by a pest problem, or even a nutrient deficiency.

Craryville, NY

I will try to post this weeked, although I have clipped back most of the "damaged" camera and my 'puter weren't talking last time I tried, but will try again this weekend...thanks guys!

Craryville, NY

Sorry for the delay, guys...I have been ill this weekend, and I will try to photo again soon.

Anchorage, AK

I agree, with out seeing it it's hard to say. It could be cyclamen mites. You can't see them but they cause distorted new growth. If anything you can spray with a mix of rubbing alcohol & water (say 1/4c alcohol to 2c water) and spray once a week for three weeks. If that's what it is it should take care of it. Doesn't hurt to try if you aren't able to pinpoint the exact problem. :)

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