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Georgia Spider ID?

Hampton, GA

Anyone have a clue what the heck this spider is. Makes me want to move.

Thumbnail by rwmullis79
Sinks Grove, WV

This is a large female wolf spider (family Lycosidae), and you'd have to move a very long way (say, Antarctica) to avoid them, as they have essentially a world-wide distribution. They are voracious predators on any other small arthropods that they can capture, and thus quite useful pest controllers. Although a specimen this large could give you a painful bite if you handled it carelessly, they otherwise are harmless to humans.

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

rw - speaking of painful bites, put on some shoes around that big boy!! I see those sock feet back there....

Suunto - is that an egg case she's hauling around?

Oakland, MD

Wow she's gorgeous!

Sinks Grove, WV

That certainly appears to be an egg sac - female wolf spiders carry their egg sac attached to the tip of their abdomen, whereas their close relatives, fishing/dock spiders in the family Pisauridae, carry theirs up front with their chelicerae.

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